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Opera 113
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Emirates Assessment 28th - 29th May Nairobi,Kenya in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  14/01/2015 at 09:26
Goodluck to you too FlyAjab and everyone, wah the Qatar one had millions of people lol hata sikuamini jameni but I did get in...inside was like 400 guys and it was an open day though getting in was luck the emirates one being invites only seem organized and a managable number,praying we all get invites,...
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QATAR AIRWAYS: after final interview, wait time??? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  12/01/2015 at 22:43
Ah that's unfortunate. Because in Qatar airways, they have no specific waiting time so you must do any of the formalities as soon as possible to avoid any delay in your file being processed. But anyway just be patience yes!
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WAITING MEDICAL CLEARANCE!!! in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  13/01/2015 at 10:04
Its for Qatar ..

They mentioned I could send an email to our on-boarding coordinator for any further information. And I done so last week Tuesday, querying the matter ...However have not received an email back??
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ahmed adan
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Qatar airways OD november 1st in Egypt in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  10/11/2014 at 21:11
One of my friends working in this hotel and told me that there weren't an assessment days for Qatar airways November 2nd, r u sure? r u was there?
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Arabic and English Speaker cabin crew in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  13/11/2014 at 14:55
This website is so helpful and this lady Kara Grand is to kind to help everyone who wants to ask any Q about cabin crew work for Emirates, Etihad and Qatar airways. Check it out and good luck!
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Is Qatar Airways Serious? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  05/11/2014 at 10:37
Hello fellow hopefuls! I'd appreciate any guidance or advice on my query.

I had my FI with Qatar Cabin Crew recruitment team back in May. I never heard from them ever since. No rejection or acceptance email or go ahead to do medicals, nothing.
After waiting 5 months and 8 days with several unanswered email queries, I decided to call them. First two days, the calls went unanswered. Then finally they answered. I enquired on my application status and they said they would get back to me.
7 minutes later, I receive a rejection email. But my application status remained "Assessment Center, you are being considered..."
After waiting two weeks with no change I withdraw my application, because, hey, after waiting forever with no communication and a rejection email what's the point, right?
After withdrawing my application, they email me saying "We respect your decision to reject our offer for this application.."

Seriously? Is Qatar Airways serious? Are they really professional with their recruitment process. Any feedback will be appreciated. But honestly, I feel they were quite unfair as I was holding on to false hope all that time and they never bothered to respond.

Good luck to all prospective applicants.
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QATAR AirWays in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  05/11/2014 at 10:42
With Qatar, there is no limit to the waiting time. Be patient, keep busy, stay positive and follow up whenever you can. Follow up by calling them. From my experience, emails usually take long to get responded to or don't get responded to at all.

All the best and good luck.
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QATAR Medicals (Past tuberculosis as a child) in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  02/12/2014 at 16:47
hi i am just wondering if there is someone in this forum who has the same situation as I am or someone who knows someone who has the same situatuon. I had a primary complex when I was kid but eventually i got treated but still I declared it in my medical form from Qatar fearing that they might figured it out .. but as soon as they gave me another test which is the Pulmonary test to indicate my lungs are functioning well, my doctor said that My lungs are normal. My question is if this my test indicates that my lungs are free from the disease and normal, does Qatar Airways are strict from these kind of disease. please help any advice would be appreciated!

Tokyo OD : Oct 11
AD: Oct 12
email to do medicals : Nov 10
still waiting for my other med exam to submit to Advance Candiate Zone
(it's taking me also a lot of time translating to japanese to english and I am bit worried because i've been doing the medicals for about 3 weeks and that includes the translation, is there anyone out there who is in the same situations? lemme know!)
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Qatar cabin crew blog? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  25/11/2014 at 14:25
sad that Qatar crew cant take pics while in uniform...i didnt know they had this rule...
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FlyDubai Assesment Day on 14th December in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  26/11/2014 at 07:41
Congrats btw.

Was just wondering what is the pay like with FlyDubai - is it similar to that of Qatar, Emirates and Ethihad?
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