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Emirates Assessment 28th - 29th May Nairobi,Kenya in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  21/04/2015 at 17:31
hey ladies its 21st and to me its has been like an year. still hopeful to get the life changing email that will make my dream come true. incase any of you gets the postive email for the Qatar AD please update.
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pre medicals in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  13/04/2015 at 14:23
I had tuberculosis last year because of which there is a scar on my lungs and I got rejected by GAMCA for qatar airways.please tell me in which airline I can apply.
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status Interviewed -Feedback Pending Qatar airwys in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  30/04/2015 at 12:44
Hello Mshalaby! Yes i was an Ek crew. Contract ended in jan this year. And u? Still havent received any email yet from Hr qr.. But if we used to be ek crew, i heard we have to wait minimum 6 months to work in qatar.. Its a rule they have between uae and qr... Are you aware about it?
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Qatar Airways waiting candidates whatsapp group in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  01/05/2015 at 13:40
It's nice having this forum for us to keep in touch. But not all of us have the the time to always check the forums. My friend and I have been thinking about making a private whatsapp group for those who are still on process with Qatar Airways. That way we can keep in touch in a private way, very efficient, and fast.

For those who are interested can PM me your whatsapp number I shall add you so we could talk on the group. The name of the whatsapp group would be Qatar airways worldwide sounds legit doesn't it? everyone is welcome!
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Qatar CV Drop Off Edinburgh 28th feb x in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  27/02/2015 at 17:41
Hey :) I was just wondering if anyone is going to the cv drop off for Qatar in Edinburgh tomorrow ?

Anyone know what to expect? I've been struggling to find out a lot of information about Qatar!

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QATAR AIRWAYS: after final interview, wait time??? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  19/02/2015 at 15:55
Hello guys! I had my OD on Feb 7th, my FI on Feb 8th, the same day I received an email in order to complete my data on the advanced candidates' zone... on Feb 9th I received the invitation to upload my photos. And now waiting... how long should I wait? I am so nervous and eager to join Qatar Airways! Thank you in advance.
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EK FI February 2015 in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  09/03/2015 at 14:58
Hello guys... Did someone know if we want to transfer from Qatar airways to Emirates, do we have to wait some period after quitting the job or we can go to the interview ? Thank you so much
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Emirates new joiners - advice for those going! in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  10/03/2015 at 12:13
Hey guys I wanna apply for Emirates but I'm Qatar airways crew do I have to wait some period after I resign or I can join? Thanks
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some questions about Etihad Belgrade open day! in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  21/02/2015 at 22:07
Hey guys!
I can share with you my experience. But it was in Doha, Qatar. There were asians a lot :))
I have attended an open day for EY in Doha, Qatar. It was nearly 400 people on open day, and on AD only 95 was selected. On FI was only 15 people.

If you wanna ask me anything else, dont hasitate!

Good Luck! :))
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Qatar in Progess Facebook in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  27/02/2015 at 12:12
Please join this group if you applied for Qatar Airlines as Cabin Crew and you are waiting for a response from them! I just started it but would like to see how everyone is doing with their progress...or if you are wanting to apply etc.

or facebook: Qatar Cabin Crew in progress
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