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Emirates assesment day April 2014 - Australia in the Experienced Cabin Crew forum Posted:  29/03/2014 at 23:51
Hello :)

I am new in this forum.

Wondering if anyone has been invited to Emirates Assesment day in Sydney/Melbourne - April 2014?

Thank you :)
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Emirates Open Day/Assessment day/Final interview in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  31/03/2014 at 09:21
Hello Everyone,

I can empathize what sort of mixed feelings (excited and scared) you must be going through just before the emirates open day/assessment day/final interview. I have gone through it all and let me tell you, it is one of the best experiences I have had in my life and I am sure you will like it too. Firstly, the whole process taught me so much and I met such amazing people there. Even though I was scared and nervous at so many instances, but honestly it was all worth it.

I will try to put everything in here so that a lot of people can benefit from this post. I applied for the position of cabin crew in 2013, although the invitation for open day which occurred in Toronto was for March 2014. Initially I wasn’t sure if I should go for it or not but then I finally decided to give it a go (no regrets at all). It started with getting the right outfit (especially for girls). I got myself a pencil black skirt and a white collar shirt for the inner and paired it with a black blazer (My personal choice is black when its formal but you can wear any other color which is subtle and compliments the professional outlook). I surely need to do a separate tutorial for the hair because I did a French roll every single day and it did work well for me. Kindly note that if you have a tattoo which is visible and can be seen while wearing the crew uniform, please don’t go through reading all of this as you will not make it through due to the airline policy.

The whole process was divided in three days where Day1 was the open day, Day2 was assessment day and Day 3 was the final interview day. Usually in locations where there are less people for open day it is amalgamated with day 2 and the open day and assessment day happen at the same time. For my location which is Toronto we had a lot of people (More than 400) so I will start with Day 1.

Day1- I woke up early, had a terrible night where I just couldn’t sleep well, thinking about the next day and just before I was about to sleep my alarm was ringing. I had to take a bus to get to Toronto Downtown so I made sure I was leaving 2.5 hours before the event time. It was freezing outside and honestly those stockings are dreadful when you have to walk in -19C. Anyway I managed to get to the location around 45 minutes prior. It started at 9:00am sharp but I was there around 8:15am. Once I entered the hallway, I heard people greeting me and being very nice. I made my way inside after exchanging “good morning” and brief chat with a few candidate and then went in to hang my coat. I managed to talk to people around once I was settled and then things went in a positive flow from there. The girls whom I was chatting to sat beside me during the open day so it’s always a good idea to be there before the session starts and make a few friends. While my heart was beating unusually as I was unaware as to what would happen once the doors open to enter that big hall where the open day was to take place. As soon as the door opened we formed lines and entered the room and I managed to get a seat not up front but around 6th row and I had a wonderful girl sitting beside me who came in from Thunder Bay. I made sure I was sitting properly with my back straight and smiling all this time?. It started with a presentation where they explained about Dubai, Emirates and certain things about the culture in Dubai as well as how the life is there. It was quite a detailed presentation so they cover almost everything. Once the presentation was over, the recruiter (there were two females) asked all of us if we had any questions. There were quite a few questions from the crowd although I did not ask anything as most of the questions were answered during the presentation. IMPORTANT NOTE: Asking questions during that time really doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd so do ignore unnecessary questions. Once the presentation was over, we were asked to hand in our Resumes as well as a small photograph (I only had my passport picture with me). The recruiters also specified that if we make it today, we will receive a call between 4pm-6pm the same evening. While handing in the resume and the picture, one of the recruiter asked a few questions. For me it was so short that I was apprehensive how they would really remember me and even call me for that reason. My questions were: “Do you have a tattoo?”, “Do you speak any other language?” and that was all for me in 2 minutes. I was calm while answering the questions as they were super easy and didn’t require much thinking.

After the short interview, I left the room and went back to hallway to collect my coat and finally make my way out. On my way back, I was so excited to go home and relax after the longest night I had. I grabbed coffee in between and went home and made my way to bed as I knew I wouldn’t get any call. All what I did was that I kept my ringer on just in case I got the call?. At 4:10pm while I was asleep, I got a call and to my amazement, they invited me for the next round which was the assessment taking place at 9:00am, next day. Phew! I knew I had another dreadful night but for some reason I was more familiar about the process this time and calm than last night. The excitement of being selected out of so many people was way stronger than the apprehension of going through it.
Just before going to bed I did a lot of research and thanks to where I found a lot of helpful information. I read about the assessment day where I knew that the first phase was a group exercise and then to follow was a role play exercise. What really scared me was the role play exercise but reading online really helped me (I have more or less most of the role play questions with me, which I can always post the next time).

Day2- Be prepared, this is quite a long day so don’t forget to sleep well and do have something for breakfast. I started my day early, got dressed and worked on my French roll. I started it earlier than usual and I was at the location 1 hour before. I was the first one to reach and made myself comfortable. Within a few minutes there was another girl and then it followed. Because I was the first one, I registered all the faces who came in (50 candidates) and was able to make friends around and had chat with most people. I really enjoyed this day because I actually made good friends there. Each candidate had a number sticker to follow and at sharp 9:15 the conference room doors opened once again and we were asked to sit in a round (circle) setting. We were divided into a group of 3 individuals and each group was given a picture card (Mine had a lipstick while others had balloon, basket, float, shoes and other everyday use objects) to discuss and tell three out of the box uses of the object. While the discussion was in progress the recruiter would call each candidate to do the reach test and just ask random questions. Once the exercise was over each group was to stand and every member was to give a 30 second to 1 minute explanation for the use of the object they discussed. Once the exercise was over, we were asked to leave the room and wait outside. The heart beat variation is just the usual happening for the assessment day but its natural (human instinct) so don’t worry everyone is going through the same feeling. After 15 minutes the recruiters handed in a small paper saying whether you passed or failed that level. Luckily mine said “Congratulations” (I actually didn’t read what was ahead of that until I got home) so I was to go to the next level now. The people who did not make it left the hallway while rest of the candidates (around 30) were to go for the final round. Before the final round, I had to give an hour English test which is like any high school test so nothing to worry about. I had to sit for this test as my high school was not in a country where English is the first language but for countries where English is widely used, this test doesn’t apply. After the test, I joined rest of the candidates and managed to grab a hot chocolate during the 30 minutes break. Once we all got back, we were divided into smaller groups of 6 this time and 2 groups (12 candidates) were called in the room. I had a group ahead of me so I got another 45 minutes break but believe me this was nerve breaking. I was so nervous about the final “role play” exercise that I just couldn’t wait for all of it to be over.

My Group was called second in line and before going in we all knew each other well by name and I was familiar with most of the candidates. Once we entered, I was really nervous but as soon as we got the exercise where we were supposed to play the role of a manager and decide which guests to accommodate when only 2 rooms were left and 8 guests were there in total, I was more engrossed in the activity. For 15 minutes as a group we discussed the 2 guests whom we would accommodate and during this time one of the recruiters was right there taking notes on how you listen, speak, smile, sit and just everything so be your best and stay calm and be yourself. The recruiter later played role of guest (Who was not accommodated by the hotel) for each candidate and showed disappointment and each candidate played the role of manager trying to explain the situation to the guest and pacify them at the same time. I was the last to go in line so I exactly knew how to handle the recruiter even though I could hear my heart beat all this time (it was so loud) ? The key to this exercise is stay calm and make sure your voice is low and you are not loud even if the recruiter shows aggression. Just be yourself and apologize and never speak while she/he is speaking and try repeating the problem to show that you understand. Keep the smile on all the time. Also note that during the group exercise, show agreement with your group and don’t speak too much (not that I mean you have to be quiet all the time). Also don’t speak when someone else is speaking, so that you listen to everyone and give a chance to everyone to speak.

Phew! Once this was over, I was super excited that it is done and there isn’t much left to the day. We all came out after the exercise and were asked to wait for 15 minutes for the results. The wait was again difficult but then it was all worth it when I got another “Congratulations” message. This time it was sad too because some of the people I was friends with were to leave. We were now just 15-16 candidates left for the final interview round. I still didn’t believe it was real; it was happening. I was so excited that I can’t even put it to words.
Finally, after this we were asked to come in to fill in a few forms and understand the guidelines as well as finalize final interview date. We were also asked to enter our email and names on a file. This activity took another hour and I had my interview after a day. Finally I had a day break where I was to arrange photographs as well as other documents which is a part of their requirement (If anyone needs help with that, you can always email me, otherwise they will anyway explain it to you and even give it on paper). As soon as I was out of the room I couldn’t wait to celebrate with family and tell the whole world. It was such a feeling that for a lifetime I will hold it close.

I got back home and took the longest sleep. End of day 2.

Day3- I was prepared for another day full of varying heart beats. Woke up early like the other days just that the interview was to happen at 11:00 pm (I had more time to sleep) and there I was one hour before once again. There was one recruiter to take the interview and she noticed how early I came in (although this is not necessary). I went in the room and it was a smooth one. There are no such question asked such as how many countries emirates fly to? How many fleets does the airline own? Do not waste your time doing all this (You can anyway do a research and know about the airline for your personal information) but it is a behavioral interview asking about your previous job experience to know how you react/behave in those instances. I have compiled a list after doing research which might help others prepare for the final interview. I have taken these questions from different sources but more or less these are the situations and questions they put in front of you. If you prepare yourself for this, you will be more confident when answering.
Q1. Name a time you had to adjust to the rules / way of doing things at a job, to accommodate a customer’s needs.
Q2. Have you ever had an issue with another employee were you disagreed on something, and how did you handle the situation?
Q3. Have you ever had a deadline at a job that you had to meet, and how did you go about getting it done on time?
Q4. Tell us about the responsibilities at your current job.
Q5. Have you ever had a disagreement with a customer? What happened OR Tell me about a difficult client you had and how did you solve his/hers problem?
Q6. Tell me about a time at work that caught you by surprise and you had to think on your feet.
Q7. Name a time when your employer told you could improve on something. Tell us about a time when you received a constructive criticism feedback from your boss in one of your previous jobs?
Q8. Tell me about a time you dealt with a colleague who was not doing his share of work.
Q9. Why should we hire you?
Q10. From all of your previous jobs which one was the most challenging and why?
Q11. Tell us about a day in which you had a very stressful day and how was it and what did you do to make it better and how did you handle it?
Q12. Describe a situation when you had a problem with a colleague at work and how was the outcome of this situation? How did you re-solve it?
Q13. From your multi-cultural experience, what is the nationality that you would have more difficulty in dealing with the most and why? Or which one would you like it the most and why?
Q14. Tell me a time where you had to make a decision for your colleagues at work? OR Tell me about a time when you had to make an unpopular decision?
Q15. Tell me about the worst mistake of your life?
Q16. Tell me about what does your manager/boss think of you?
Q17. Tell me when you were upset of a complaint you had received?
Q18. Tell me your biggest life achievement so far?
Q19. Tell me what you know about Dubai?
Q20. Tell me what you know about the Airlines?

It was a 45 minutes to an hour interview but I had a wonderful recruiter who made me feel comfortable at every point and was very sweet and professional at the same time. Once the interview was over she showed me the exit and was very positive while closing the interview.

I left the room with great happiness like all other days. Treated myself with a coffee and donut on my way back. Since then I have been waiting and the only progress I see on my online job application is that the status is now “Interview completed” which was before set as “Application received”. I really don’t know what it means but I fly or not, I have actually had one of the best life experience going through the entire process. I will just tell you a quick note before I close that make sure you are well dressed, wearing proper shoes (Complete business attire), tie up your hair as it looks more professional and wear a red lipstick and make sure you be yourself and keep that smile on all the time (Note for guys: Business attire is recommended). Wish you good luck and I hope we meet sometime (up in the air).

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Emirates Medication topic in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  18/06/2014 at 08:39

don't know if this might help. As far as I'm aware in their paperwork it's unnacceptable to have a diagnosis of:

Under psychiatric section... It is unacceptable to have history or diagnosis of:

-Depression requiring medication or recurrent depression
-Bipolar disorder
-Anxiety including claustrophobia
-Any personality disorder
-Any psychiatric abnormality, or neurosis of a significant degree that may jeopardise flight safety

ADHD would fall into this spectrum I think. There's quite a lot that can be read online about the legal status of ADHD in the UAE x
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Emirates Medication topic in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  18/06/2014 at 09:19
I would probably speak to your doctor before making any medication decisions as they can help you There are a huge amount of topics on the forum about UAE medicals, but you have to declare your history and you have a medical in Dubai. With any medical, UAE or UK, if you hold back information and don't do a truthful declaration you might compromise an offer of employment as your medical may become void. If you're prescribed a medication by a doctor, it will be in your medical records, which as part of pre-employment they need to check to see if it would impact your ability to do your duty. In regards to banned substances in the UAE- it's not the only option! There are many great airlines across the world who are understanding of ADHD and the medications for this.


this thread might help a bit xx
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Should I go for etihad from emirates? in the Experienced Cabin Crew forum Posted:  31/03/2014 at 16:44

I am just wondering could you let me know what Emirates are like to work for? It has always been my dream job since a young age I plan on attending one of the open days here in Ireland in a few weeks. I am nervous about it but I believe if you really want something you will keep trying no matter what. I would greatly appreciate if you could give me some information about how you enjoyed your time working with Emirates.
Hope you get Eithad.

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Resign from Emirates and apply for Etihad in the Experienced Cabin Crew forum Posted:  31/03/2014 at 16:39
Hi Girls,

Just wondering could any of ye please give me an idea what emirates were like to work for as a airline? It has always been my dream job since a young age. What does it take to get it open day etc? I would greatly appreciate any feed back as I plan on attending open day here in Ireland over the coming weeks.

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URGENT: problems with Emirates CandidatePortal in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  01/04/2014 at 12:55
Please anyone help me with this issue!

It's been 3 days when I'm unable to log in to the Emirates Candidate Portal! They asked me to upload some additional medical documents, and I can't even check what do they need.

I have changed my password and the system doesn't allow me to type the numbers, despite that my password contains some. And in general - before it also took hours and days to log in. What kind of portal is that?!

Moreover, I send e-mails to two persons from HR and to the Emirates common e-mail address - no replies yet! I also tried calling, but no one would answer. I am so lost, please anyone help me out with it.

Maybe someone could provide me with proper contacts or would tell me what should I do?
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Fly Emirates Age Limit in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  09/04/2014 at 16:33
Hi everybody....does anyone knows if Fly Emirates has like an age limit for hiring male cabin crew members? I went to an Open Day, did not pass , will go to another one very soon, I'm 34 years old, with over a decade of experience in hospitality business and I speak fluently 5 languages

thank for reading
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12 Apr 2014 - Singapore in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  09/04/2014 at 08:27

Originally posted by heyboy88

you are so welcome. But this Open day will run by agency. if you wish to meet them in person, u can try the open day in johor. Good Luck [:Y:

hello there, does this mean recruiters from Emirates will not be present in this Open Day and is solely conducted by Sass?
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Cabin Crew Diploma. in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  18/04/2014 at 20:32
Yep, no airline is looking for specific diploma. And every airline provide their own training. If You want, I have some books and they are free you can download these on my site bellow in my signature, it helped me to join Emirates... Have instagram? - follow crew life ;)
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