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Emirates Open Day Liverpool in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  16/02/2014 at 12:43
Hi Adam,

I'm also planning to go to that open day and have been doing a lot of research. You are more than welcome to turn up just on the day with your CV and a full length picture looking professional (suit) make sure you smile, and I would bring some passport sized pictures again wearing your suit and smiling. I've seen people taking these pictures on a digital camera with a white background and they have had no problem so I dont see why you need to go and spend money getting good pictures.Plus from what I have read Emirates will request more pictures from you if they feel they need it. And there is no benefit to applying online as apparently Emirates receive over 15,000 online applications and lets be honest I doubt they check them all and actually reply. So just turn up looking smart and professional with your CV and full size picture alongside some passport pictures and all should be well :) I hope this helps :)
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Emirates - Liverpool CV drop off/Open day? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  24/02/2014 at 22:39
Im going to that one as well, it says this on the emirates website "Our recruitment team will be hosting an Open Day to meet potential applicants in person. Please bring with you an updated CV along with passport-size and full-length photos."

so im assuming it will be an open day. x
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Open day in South africa : "who's attending" in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  17/02/2014 at 10:57
Hi there, i am not sure about the next OD in SA, but keep on checking the Emirates website or iCrew website. I am not happy with the way iCrew did their OD advice is to check the website everyday. Their South African Cabin Crew post is still ongoing.
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Emirates Assessment Day, Manchester 18-02-2014 in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  16/02/2014 at 20:42

Was just wondering if anyone else on here was attending the assessment day for Emirates on Tuesday 18th, in Manchester? And if anyone else had any tips or helpful articles/websites they could post?

I've been doing lots of research but seem to have exhausted everything I can find!!

Good luck if any one else is going :)
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EMIRATES OD MAY - JUNE in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  14/04/2014 at 09:18
Does anybody already know where will be Emirates OD on May and June?
Do you know how to apply?
I have already a personal account cause this will be my second tempt.
Thank you so much
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Mroccan's Males cabin crew in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  18/02/2014 at 13:05
Can somone tell me why Moroccan's males cabin crew are hiring everywhere: EMirates Etihad Qatar airways flydubai Saudi aurlines gulf aire al buraq air arabia jordanian air ect ... why doses anyone knows why?
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Re-applying for Emirates OD in the Interviews forum Posted:  18/02/2014 at 02:05
Hi everyone! My friend attended the Emirates OD but sadly didn't make it to AD. I'm just wondering, how long does she need to wait before re-applying for another OD? I've read the other posts but they have conflicting information. Can she re-apply right away or does she have to wait for 3-6 months??

Thanks in advance! :)
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non visible tattoos in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  20/02/2014 at 10:23
Yeah thank you for your help :) im just going to be truthful and hope all is ok, i will have explain to them that they will not be visible. I would like to apply for emirates but you have to be 21 to apply anyway so I have 2 years to remove my back tattoos its a shame because i love them and they feel like a part of me but im not willing to give up my dream job just for some tattoos its not worth it
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Customer service experience??? in the Accommodation forum Posted:  19/02/2014 at 16:06
Hi there everyone
I am considering really seriously, to hopefully join Emirates as a cabin crew some time in the future, and so as a reasonable person I am looking at my current job experience first before anything else to see if I am well qualified....My question is, does customer service experience for cabin crew SUPPOSED to be in a retail/business environment? I have a reasonable amount of experience in Education, teaching young children in that just not good enough?
Thank you in advance
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Leaving QR question in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  20/02/2014 at 16:13
ok thanks. i might do that. idk yet, i'm just so mad still at how they treated us and my friends. almost deceitful when i think about the interview...
no i don't plan on ever going back to that country, nor the middle east for that matter. but do you think there would be any problems if i wanted to fly to the far east via dubai or abu dhabi with other middle eastern airlines like emirates?
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