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Before joining ek..... in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  20/12/2013 at 03:44
Yes that is all true the way emirates manage their staff is overall poor and yes the environment on board sometimes is way to stressful the flight review we must get nearly every flight mine nearly always has negative things to say about me the seniors think they say and write what they want about you then you're a managers on you're back for pathetic silly things and you have to waste youre time going into the office to explain why you forgot a uniform item etc come on we are human
there's a big reporting culture among the crew from the day you join emirates til the day you leave you're a number a barcode and just throw their stupid rules at everyone well iv had enough as you can tell time to move on but the travellings been great experience and you will learn so much about different people and cultures which is something you won't forget and help you in future jobs
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Need help from Egyptians in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  22/12/2013 at 11:31
Confirming the above... male and female applicants, no fee for application and tests...

As regards the English test, you might find this post helpful:

No it is not TOEFL standard, although ICAO level 4 Aviation English is the set standard. If you want to improve your language skills for the cabin crew role there are some books available to buy online that specialise in this 'English for Cabin Crew'. I believe that the British Council in Cairo, offers English classes too, if thats any help...
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Resignation letter form required by Emirates!!! in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  23/12/2013 at 07:20
My case is that I work full-time without the contract for a representative office ( with is not legally registered (opened) in my country). My payment is transferred directly from the country where HQ is. What should I do when Emirates ask me for proof of resignation?
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Job status after OD & Experience in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  27/01/2014 at 05:09
When you are not short-listed, did your job status changed to Not Shortlisted right after the recruiters finish calling people for Assessment Day?

Because I flew from other country for the OD and my phone doesn't work here, I wrote on the small sheet of paper for candidate information that I would like to be contacted by email because my phone may not work here. I didn't get an email but according to my job status, my submission was received and is active (Accepting submissions). I went to the Assessment Day place and asked if I I was not shortlisted, she said she called all the selected ones or left them voice messages, so if I didn't get a call, that means I was not selected. She was so short with me to get me out of there, so I couldn't even ask if my name was on the sheet. There were like 3 or 4 stickers or paper with selected ones' names on who didn't show up at the right time. I wish I could have seen the names or asked her but didn't even get a chance to do so. : < .

Here's my experience

The Hong Kong OD or AD was for Cantonese and Mandarin speakers only but the language requirement was later disappeared on the website so I attended. There were quite a lot of people who wore casually or just didn't care about the dress code. The recruiters said they were okay with people who didn't wear professionally and people who were late too. The presentation started. was long, but I kept smiling the whole time in the front row. There were some people who actively shared their opinions or experiences. A few of them probably a half of them got shortlisted. CV drop started. There were so many people that the lines for the CV drop were long and so was the waiting time. I submitted my resume with all the photos I had because the recruiters asked for any photos we had. Got a few questions such as when I graduated from high school, why I chose to study abroad, if I had any tattoos and if I flew to here just for this Open Day. I think I answered fine with smiles. The recruiters said they would finish contacting people by 6pm. I didn't get an email or anything from them so I was not short-listed. However, I decided to register online anyway because they asked all of the people to register online after open day so they can access our profiles and submissions. My job status has been active since last night so I wondered if they didn't contact me because they only contact people by phone and my phone doesn't work. I went to the AD place and was pretty disappointed because they rather selected some people who didn't even seem to respect what the recruiters asked them to do. Of course, many of the people there looked the part but some people didn't by wearing black stockings, letting their hair down or in ponytails. A few people were obviously short that they didn't look like they could reach 212cm
Here's what I felt from the OD and AD. Whether or not you choose to be quiet, reserved and smiley or the other way around all depends on the recruiters. Your appearance doesn't matter much to some recruiters at least at Open Day as long as you have got something that Emirates look for, especially language and something else that makes you unique and personable. I think Emirates wants lots of Chinese speaking people. There were many people from other countries but at the AD, almost all the selected ones were obviously native Chinese speakers. There was only girl who stood out in the crowd because she looks different. I don't know if she can speak Chinese or not but I think she speaks a language that's on demand. There's going to be another Hong Kong Open day or Assessment Day. I DO NOT recommend anyone who are not Chinese speakers going there. Don't go there. Believe me. I bet everything that it'd be a waste of money. Plus, if your phone doesn't work in the foreign country you are attending an OD, get a SIM card in advance and find your voicemail number and write it along side of your phone number. Depending on the recruiters, you might not be called, if you write that you want to be contacted by email because they must feel too tired to email you. I'd feel like a loser, if they choose girls in miniskirts or black stockings or in both.
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New book on how to pass Emirates assessment in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  27/01/2014 at 13:58
It's very true Becky! There are many workshops/books/courses etc that are aimed at those who want to pursue a career as cabin crew and like yourself, I have heard similar stories of people who are disappointed... Of course, anything with the 'Emirates' tag will sell as people want a magic bullet to get the job. Many of the courses make big promises about guaranteed jobs, which just isn't true and often there is no follow up afterwards. Sometimes these people have little or no experience actually working as cabin crew too - so it is all about making money out of something that they know will sell. That is exactly why I work partly as a consultant...
I have 14 years working in various cabin crew roles ( among other things in aviation) and did a lot of research into what other people were doing and I wanted to do something better, that was real and honest! I remembered how difficult it was when I set out to be cabin crew and the endless assessment days and applications I made and wished I'd had some help...I started by writing articles here in the career advice section and writing in the forum. I try and provide the information and make things approachable, up to date and with heart - I love my work and I am very proud when any of my 'clients' gets their dream job! You certainly do have to believe in yourself and I coach people to do that and not give up and help them reach their full potential. No-one can guarantee a job with Emirates, that is for sure - but with support and determination, people can go a long way in finding a cabin crew job!
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Can't access my Candidate Portal in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  27/01/2014 at 18:15
Hi, I just received an email from emirates asking me to fill in joining formalities and other documents on candidate portal,but it seems like not working,it keeps on returning to emirates group career website. I will be joining on march,2014.

Anyone have the same problem logging in candidate portal??
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Can't access my Candidate Portal in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  28/01/2014 at 11:04
im facing the same problem.. n if the portal opens it redirects me to the main page of emirates..
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Facebook Page for Emirates people who are waiting in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  28/01/2014 at 11:22
Just incase people don't know there is a FB page called Emirates Approval In Progress Status …its a great help xx
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The truth about in the Jet2 forum Posted:  28/01/2014 at 13:28
I think you will find that BA have just recruited trainee pilots whom they are paying the training costs on their university graduate course for so your information isn't quite accurate. Also, you cannot compare pilots paying upfront for their training to cabin crew doing the same, once a pilot has his commercial licence/ type rating he/she owns that licence and is free to be employed with any airline in the world, you're not telling me that Jet2s cabin crew qualification, albeit paid for, will get one a job with BA, Virgin, Emirates etc!! I applaud your loyalty but do you truly believe that all of your applicants are there because Jet2 is their first choice of airline and they aren't there because they have failed with the top carriers? I have been in this industry for almost 26 years and any airline, including Ryanair, asking cabin crew to pay upfront for their training leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I'm just saying!! Xx
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Birmingham application woes in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  28/01/2014 at 13:44
Hi all,

I've recently applied for Etihad, Qatar and Emirates, just today I received a resounding No from Etihad so it hasn't filled me with the biggest feelings of optimism!

Still looking for Emirates and Qatar as the back up plan ...

Anyone know the formalities of Emirates changing from 'Application Received' to the next verdict, please?

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