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Oman Air in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  29/06/2012 at 19:26
hmm interesting ! never heard of Oman air until today . Will working as crew include layovers that emirates and etihad offer? Also looks as if the majority of crew are of a middle eastern etnicity? I don't know if they recruit European ? xxxxxxxx
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DOJ 14th Sept 2012 in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  15/07/2012 at 11:20
Hi all - Yesterday I got my GC and have a DOJ of the 14th Sept...just wondering if anyone else got the call.
I had been on AIP and received the on hold email like a lot of others a few weeks ago and was suprised to get the call yesterday as I always thought that they didn't call on saturdays. Now when I try to call into my emirates account I have the YWBC message.
Hope to hear from someone with the same DOJ as me soon!
P.S. Good luck to everyone on here who is waiting for their call, I'm sure it will come soon!
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Emirates DOJ 26th August 2012 in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  14/05/2012 at 03:24
Hi everyone!!!

I received my GC the 13th of May !! I waited more than 7 weeks between my FI (21st-March) and yesterday. The golden rule: be patient (and it's so hard !!!).

I would like to know who are going to join Emirates on August the 26th ???

Ahhh I can't wait for this AMAZING experience!!!!!!
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Apply for Etihad Y/N ????? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  24/05/2012 at 07:18
Ola Maria, tudo bem?? Portuguesa? :)
Eu sou brasileira! se vc quiser eu te envio por email uns papeis q recebi deles, aih vc pode ver por si mesma, eh bastante coisa p explicar aki...
Eu soh nao sei qto recebemos por hora de voo e se eles tem acordo com a emirates para que a gente possa usar os tickets c descointo p viajar para os destinos da emirates.
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Apply for Etihad Y/N ????? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  24/05/2012 at 07:18
Ola Maria, tudo bem?? Portuguesa? :)
Eu sou brasileira! se vc quiser eu te envio por email uns papeis q recebi deles, aih vc pode ver por si mesma, eh bastante coisa p explicar aki...
Eu soh nao sei qto recebemos por hora de voo e se eles tem acordo com a emirates para que a gente possa usar os tickets c descointo p viajar para os destinos da emirates.
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Apply for Etihad Y/N ????? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  14/05/2012 at 03:03
Why do you wanna leave Emirates?
I just got my Etihad employment offer and im joining in August, but in fact I wanted to join Emirates, its my dream....
I couldnt try because Im an ex Qatar Airways crew and have to wait 1 year after resignation.....
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Before Applying for Qatar Airways in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  15/05/2012 at 02:17
Hi there!
Yes, unfortunately if you have worked for QR , you have to wait 1 year to apply for Emirates. I dont know the reason for that, the only thing I can think of is that they wanna f**k the crew even after they leave the company.
But in case of Etihad yes, you can apply even if you are still working for QR. Hundreds of crew are leaving Qatar Airways and joining Etihad, so they can have a normal life, go out whenever they want, sleep wherever they want with whoever they want, without being watched 24-7 and without the fear of being fired for any stupid reason.
If I could give you and advice I would say: Dont join Qatar Airways. Emirates is a better airline to start your career, they dont have all that bullshit you can see on the first post of this discussion. They also pay better than QR and allow you to have a personal life. Also Dubai is sooooooooooo much better than Doha, you just cannot compare both cities! There are so many places to visit and they are also more open minded than in Dohell.
Most of the Emirates crew dont have previous experience. In case of Etihad they prefer people with at least 2 years experience in costumer service.
You can apply online for Etihad, they use to reply in about 1 week. In my case I was still working for QR when I applied and in 5 days they replied me with an invitation to assessment! Good luck!
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Emirates Open day 23/06/12 Paris Or Oxford???????? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  14/05/2012 at 11:42
Hi everyone,
I have been going through the process over this weekend and have my final interview on Tuesday. I am quite nervous but really excited at the same time. I remember how scared I was about the process so I wanted to come on here and tell you all how fun it is!
So many people were saying that it is a really tough and brutal process... it really isn't! Relax!
It is the very first ever airline that I have been on an open day and assessment day with and I was really nervous. However, when I arrived at the open day there were 105 people in the holding area all having a chat and filling out the forms. Everyone was just as nervous as each other.
We went inside, watched some videos, had a shoutout question session and then went up one by one (in front of everyone - but we all respected each others privacy) to hand in our CV's and do the reach test. We were all asked about two questions each so first impressions are vital. Slick hair, formal business attire, a confident walk and handshake etc. I was asked 'what job do you currently do?' and 'Why cabin crew?' Keep eye contact, smile, use your hands when you talk - all really basic interview techniques. BUT BE YOURSELF! They can see right through you, as they are paid to be experts in recruitment, and believe me, they are fantastic at their job.
They ladies were really lovely, really fun but don't let this let you relax, be on your best behavior.
We were then allowed to go and were told that if we were successful, we would get a phonecall to return to the AD the following day.
The AD was awesome!
There were only 34 cut down from 105, so they managed to wipe loads of people out - do not let that destroy your confidence as they said that they are constantly looking for a wide range of different personalities, so if you didn't make it that time, it may be because they already have people with a similar personality. Doesn't mean you're not right, it means that there is likely to be a spot for you next time.
The 34 of us were split into half. The first group stayed and did tasks, whilst the second group had to wait outside for an hour for their turn ... I was in this second group. Finally we went in, we split again into two teams and we had to do the first of our two tasks. - THESE MAY VARY DEPENDING ON THE DAY AND COUNTRY AND ASSESSORS!!! Mine was great fun, we had to make a building a meter tall with paper and elastic bands, I totally forgot I was even being assessed - this is great as it puts you at ease and allows the assessors to get a true reading of who you are - they like that. We then had to each present our building to the whole group. - If you aren't good at presenting, do not worry!!! It isn't about the answer you give it is about how you give it, however there were some girls who presented not so well yet still got through, so don't think it is all over if you trip over your words, we all do it!
We then had another task - again the two teams had different tasks and yours will probably completely different again. However, my teams task was to arrange a list of customer priorities in order of most to least important. No voting was allowed. Again, I don't think it was about the order, but how you included people n the group and how you worked in a team. Speak clearly, slowly and explain fully.
REMEMBER! Emirates have thousands of job opportunities which you will learn about at the open day so you are NOT IN COMPETITION with each other, so support each other - this shows you work well as a team.
We were all sent away and the assessors then made a decision as to who will stay and who will be leaving at this point. They thank you and explain that this is not the end, just not the right time. You are then given a slip saying successful or unsuccessful - which you must open outside. it is a sad moment for those who don't make it, but again it mustn't knock your confidence. If you make it to the AD it is because you do have some of the qualities they want, you just need to reflect and re-apply and see what you can improve on for next time.
We then went outside and were told that people who were not educated in this country had to sit an english test. Some of the friends I made were very underconfident as their English was not very good and they didn't want that to be the reason they failed. REMEMBER - Emirates employs over 160 nationalities who speak almost every language in the world - not every customer will speak English and may speak your own 1st language so please do not let that knock your confidence!!!
All of the candidates who had to sit the exam passed even though they said they all thought they did badly. I think they said it was a list of multiple choice scenario questions and a short page and a half essay on a personal experience or something I cant quite remember.
After all of the waiting around, we were all called in and told that the last of us - 17 people I think, were all successful for a final interview.
We then had to go through the formalities and prep for the interview and are told to also do the online personality test which they send to you via email. I am yet to do this test - will do it after this post, but the assessor said there is no right or wrong answer, they just want to make sure they are not hiring 17 people with the same personality. They just want to know a bit more about you before interview, so this is NOTHING to stress about. I think she said the questions are something like 'do you prefer cats or dogs?'
It is important to have done your homework even before going to the open day which does bombard you with information as the shoutout session helps to put you in a god light or a bad light.
They will ask about their awards, what you know about their company, about their service, partners -meet and greet, dnata etc, and will basically ask you everything that is on their website so learn the website!!! I spoke about their carbon emissions and how they are an eco-friendly group.
My best advise to anyone is, go for it whether you have a wealth of experience or none. In fact there were more people with no experience there to be honest. BE YOURSELF! They are trained to spot if you are putting on a front. And remember that they pride themselves on diversity. They do not want a textbook cabin crew member. They know that none of us are angels! They want to see who you are and how you get along with people.
Loads of forums are saying don't talk too much and then don't be too shy... trust me when I say that again, this doesn't totally apply. Don't be too shy and too outspoken, but do not be someone you are not as it shines through and makes you out to be a liar. I thought I spoke waaaay too much but I got through. And a girl who I thought would get wiped out in the first round for being too quiet actually went all the way.
THEY WANT TO HIRE YOU! You will learn that they have just ordered 202 new aircraft and need one hell of a lot of staff to fly these things so show them why you deserve one of the places.
Get the balance, do not be in competition, listen to every instruction and follow them all to the letter. The girls who didn't follow instructions were knocked out.
But seriously, please, do whatever it takes to be comfortable. They want you!
The best thing I can say is, do your homework and just be yourself. Be comfortable to that you are at your best, but 100% wear a suit - mine was a champagne colour so I stood out, slick back that hair! Guys be the most clean shaven you have ever been and just believe in yourself! You will do it!
And my opinion for the answer of this question is... Go where you will be most comfortable. However, they said that they know it is an expensive process but they do not want it to be for you. The English issue I don't think will be too much of a problem depending on your level. If you can converse and feel comfortable solving problems with people who are completely fluent in English then go for it. You may find the English exam a little tricky, but just read over some english books and build on your confidence with what you know, rather than trying to learn more new things.
If you are able to read and understand this post then I am certain you will pass the test with flying colours.
Best of luck to you all,

ENJOY IT!!!! and the number one rule BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of love x
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ANY questions about anything with Emirates in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  12/12/2012 at 15:59
Hey Shoegal thank you so much for your help to all of us
I would like to ask your advise please
I have applied online for Emirates on 19th of July and my status have changed after while not shortlisted unfortunatelly... So I would like to attent an OD in London on 12 th of January, but not sure If I am allowed to do that, because of the waiting period of 6 month. the 12th of January will be almoast 6 month (7 days will be left). I didnt received an a rejection email from them only an automatic letter after I submitted my online apliccation saying :
Thank you for your recent contact seeking employment with Emirates Airline and for your time completing our on-line application form. Your details are now accessible to our Cabin Crew Recruitment team. If at a later stage you wish to update your application details, please visit our careers website and log in to your user account. You will require entering your email address and your password in order to access your profile page.

Having received your application we will review your details against the requirements for a Cabin Crew position. If you are short-listed we will contact you to arrange an interview when we next schedule a recruitment trip to your country (Note: short-listed applications from within the UAE will be contacted to attend scheduled interviews in Dubai).

Whilst we would ideally like to respond individually to all candidates applying to Cabin Crew positions, we acknowledge that this is not always possible due to the large number of applications received from around the world. If you have not heard from us within 3 months please assume that on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful. If this does occur we apologize that we will not be able to respond to you individually, but you will be able to reapply after six months by updating your on-line application in the Website.
So what shall I do? can I attend this OD in london, dont wanna mess up my chance not waiting the all 6 month if I have to, please help me. thank you so much for advise
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Invitation to assesment day in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  26/07/2012 at 01:13
Hey guys :) I'm just wondering how long I need to wait to be invited for an assesment day after I submit my application for both Etihad or Emirates obline? Been waiting for about two weeks already ...thank you in advance good luck for everyone ;)
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