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Emirates or qatar.....Dubai or qatar? in the Experienced Cabin Crew forum Posted:  04/01/2012 at 17:47
Can someone please answer this question.

If you work for Qatar Airways, how long do I have to wait after resigning to apply for Emirates??

I have heard rumors everywhere and I have been searching for an answer, but I never see an answer when this question is asked on the forums.

Can someone please PM me or respond to this question??? I desperately need the answer
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fly away 2012
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Do you pay a fine if you resign the first month? in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  07/01/2012 at 20:52
Hi everyone!I am offered the position of cabin crew at emirates airlines and i would like to ask if i change my mind and don't like it would i be paying a big fine if i resigh?I know that there is a salary deduction every month the first year of 334 Dhs but the contract states that this money will be adjusted against any outstanding bills should you resign during the first three years of employment.
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Virgin vs Emirates in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  10/01/2012 at 18:43
There's a lot of good and bad about Dubai and Emirates.
Destination wise they go virtually everywhere but then all the short haul flights are Indian and Middle eastern destinations. It can be particularly hard during the Islamic holidays as there's different service procedures you need to respect.

At the beginning I was making 1400 euros tax free a month plus allowances which we get at the hotel in local currency.

Bear in mind that Emirates is in the GCAA law so there is no 900 hr rule and legalities change as they please. Just before I left 120hr months were quite common (hours are calculated by chocks off to chocks on) excluding any delays etc. So basically you can have 7 days off in a month! Also you can go East and West as many times a month as they please.

What I'm trying to say is that you will get a great lifestyle and some great destinations, free accomodation etc but there are no unions and no one to protect your rights

Personally what got to me the most was the fact that my job was with EK, my friends were from EK, my building was all EK crew and 24/7 I live and breed EK!!

In the end it got too much the fact that I had one life that fits all!!
Then again there's a lot of my friends that love it and love being around emirates crew all the time, so its up to you.

As for promotions, when there was hard times it was really hard to get upgraded and I know crew still waiting after 3 and 5 years in the same grade, I got lucky and moved up fast. That depends a lot on your attendance and your manager as well.

You have more questions just PM me!
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Medical Vaccination For Emirates Cabincrew in the Current Cabin Crew Jobs forum Posted:  10/01/2012 at 17:29
When I had to do it, I bought the injections myself then went to the nurse to get them administered. I didn't manage to get them all and got the rest done at the Emirates Clinic, it wasn't a problem. However this was in 2005 so not sure if the procedure changed now!

Check the Iranian Hospital as its not that expensive compared to the others, I guess they would be able to guide you. Its better you go there in person as I hardly ever managed to get anything done on the phone in Dubai!
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Emirates OD - Serbia, Belgrade in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  02/02/2012 at 15:24
ja imam ravne tabane, niko me nista nije pitao u vezi toga, primljena sam i letim sledeceg ponedeljka. E sad ne znam kako je za Qatar, tamo ti traze i snimak kicme, ali sto se tice Fly Emirates, moze sa ravnim tabanima.
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Re-Entrants and 7/5 crew in the Thomas Cook Group forum Posted:  13/02/2012 at 14:06
I actually know a lot of crew from the bigger bases both seasonal and 7/5 who have left to go to BA, Virgin, Emirates etc.... So I wouldn't rule anything out just now, hopefully not much longer! x
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Emirates Assessment Day-Manchester.. in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  01/08/2012 at 11:34
Hi MarioB,

You have to apply online @ emirates group careers!
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Emirates 1 May at 9am in Manchester AD in the Middle East Airlines Forum forum Posted:  26/04/2012 at 12:21
Heyyy! I'm attending the MCR AD :-) Is it your first time attending an AD for Emirates? x
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Tattoo's!!! in the Wannabe Cabin Crew forum Posted:  06/01/2012 at 16:52
I would also like to know if all airlines are really that strict. I got sent home froma Ryanair AD for the tattoo on my ankle. I had it cover with a plaster and i had just ordered special makeup to cover it up.

I had an AD for emirates after that but didnt go as didnt want to be disapointed by being turned away.

So what i want to know will some airlines accept covered tattoos with special make up or plaster.

I feel the only other option would be laser treatment.
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Assessments, interviews & start dates in the British Airways forum Posted:  27/04/2013 at 14:12
Hey, I applied at the end of Jan for the Mixed Fleet, I then got an email inviting me to an AD on the 15th Feb, so had to wait 3 mnths for it, but from what Iv seen on here, It seems to vary massively on how long people have had to wait and hear back from them
I hope u hear something soon anyway!
Im well scared haha, Only been to something like this once before, that was for Emirates in Jan 2012, and tht didn't go very well lol
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