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Ryanair Assessment Day 2019!!!!

  Topic Started By:  Cabincrew2019    On:  Sat 23rd February, 2019 at 23:31
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#2  Ryanair Assessment Day 2019!!!!  Posted 23/02/2019 at 23:31
Hey everybody!!!
I have gotten a place on the Assesment Day in Dublin Airport on the 20th of March, and I just have a few questions about it, if yous wouldn't mind sharing your knowledge!??

•Can you just bring the CV you used to apply for the role, or does it have to be shorter, because I watched a vid that said it can only be 1 page! Mine is 2??
•If you are successful on the Assesment Day and get a place on the training course, can you choose when to do it, or do you have to do it straight away, because I will still be in school and I don't want to drop out??
•Also, for the course, can you do it in Dublin or will I have to move country to complete it?

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully answering!!?? Any more knowledge or tips you have would also be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks??
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#3  Re: Ryanair Assessment Day 2019!!!!  Posted 24/02/2019 at 22:53
In reply to post #2...
I answered you in the other topic
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Missy B
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#4  Re: Ryanair Assessment Day 2019!!!!  Posted 13/03/2019 at 20:15
In reply to post #3...

I had my assessment day on 8th Feb in Manchester, UK. Its a busy day so get plenty of sleep the night before. There was a short presentation about the company and the role, then we had an 2 English tests one was multiple choice where you had to choose the correct word to complete a sentence, the second was writing a letter to a friend - they gave us a subject to write about. Then there was a big presentation with lots of info to jot down. then the face to face interview - try to give examples of where you've helped calm a situation and gone above and beyond.
You need to take your CV in the format they e-mailed to you and make sure ALL gaps are filled in even if its just a month where you were on holiday or looking for a job. Mine was on 2 pages I think they don't want massive reams of paper off everyone. I was offered a training place in Feb but course starts end of April you can defer until the next one but no guarantees when the next one will be. Also you could be waiting longer for the e-mail saying if you have been successful or not as we were told a week when if fact it was 2.
Training can be anywhere mines in Hahn, Germany. It's 6 weeks long and they pay for you flight if you need it but not your digs.
The only other thing I will say is at the assessment day they turned a young lad down who was 17 years old but would have been 18 in time for the training in April at his face to face interview.
Hope this helps and good luck!
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#5  Re: Ryanair Assessment Day 2019!!!!  Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:44
In reply to post #2...
Hi When applying for the recruitment day, you have to upload a photo does this mean a photo just of your face or full body wearing smart clothing?

Also When applying for the recruitment day in London if successful does this mean I’ll be based in London??

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