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Questions to existing crew.. please help :)

  Topic Started By:  tfs1    On:  Wed 24th July, 2019 at 11:50
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#2  Questions to existing crew.. please help :)  Posted 24/07/2019 at 11:50
Hello, I hope you are all well. I have just applied for the cabin crew talent pool 2020, and I am waiting to see if I got the second stage which is the video interview, fingers crossed Mainwhile I have some questions for the existing crew which I hope somebody would be so kind to answer.

1) Which aircraft type new crew are trined on?
2) Do you still get one stand-by month every now and then, or is this changed?
3) What are the part time opportunity at Virgin-Atlantic? I do have in my current airline,
2 months off every year, with my salary of 10 months spread over 12. Do you have
this, or only 75% 50% ect?
4) How many leaves do you get pro year? And do you get days off before and after
your leaves days?
5) How the bidding system works? I know you would be able to bid only after 6
months, but once you reach this, can you bid lets say only for asian flights? Any
chance to get a good amount of that?
6) Are unpaid leaves given sometimes? I mean, can you ask for unpaid leaves for a c
certain trip if want some more extra time? Of course, I undsestand is not
guaranteed, but is there the option to do so?

Sorry for asking all those questions, I fly since 15 years and I am planning to commute from abroad. I know lots of crew does it, I know I will need to stay overnights in London, which is totally fine, but I was just wondering if you could.make the roster works good for you if you see what I mean

Cheers xxx
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