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Qatar Open Day London

  Topic Started By:  Puiwong93    On:  Thu 31st October, 2019 at 08:53
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#2  Qatar Open Day London  Posted 31/10/2019 at 08:53
Hi all,

I applied online and received an open day invitation and they’ve specified to go in for 12:00 but on the Qatar website it says 08:00am?
Could anyone explain why there are two different times? Is it because I’ve submitted my CV therefore will bypass the ones who haven’t registered?

Many thanks!
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#3  Re: Qatar Open Day London  Posted 07/11/2019 at 13:34
In reply to post #2...

I am in a similar situation. Received an email invite asking me to attend the Qatar Airways London Open Day on Sunday 17th Nov with an invite time of 2pm. However, like you said, the website says 8am sharp. I can't seem to find any info on why there are two different times either.

Not sure whether to turn up before 8am on the day in case I miss anything, or just come an hour before my invite time. :)

Anyone able to help? :)
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#4  Re: Qatar Open Day London  Posted yesterday at 21:39
In reply to post #3...
I'll speak to you from my own experience with Emirates. I think for the most part they operate in similar manners.

In September, I applied online for EK and got invited to the AD in Cairo at 9am. Others who have applied have also gotten an invite for the same day but at 1pm. Even though on the website it stated that is was an AD, it was in fact only an OD and they just collected the candidate's resumes.

I think the reason for you having a different time than the one on the website is because in open days, the recruiters are only there to check people's CV's. In order to prevent it from being too crowded at a specific time, they have divided it into two or more time slots where specific candidates hand in their CV's.

Not sure, I could be wrong, though.

Hope I helped! x
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