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Procius Reference

  Topic Started By:  toad123    On:  Sat 25th January, 2020 at 02:34
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#2  Procius Reference  Posted 25/01/2020 at 02:34
Hi There,

Quick question - I'm going through a referencing and background check with Procius for a new job.

However, I'm worried my last employer will not give me a good reference... I was bullied out of my role and I did not pass my probation period as a result. (I did nothing wrong, but it was a case of awful bullying).

All other jobs I've had the last 10 years have been great and I have a perfect track record and been an excellent employee.

Can I check what information to Procius request, when making a reference check? Do they ask the reason you left, or just confirm your dates of employment?

I'm so worried my old employer will tell them the real reason I no longer work there.

Thank you,
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