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My Experience with Etihad Assessment

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  Topic Started By:  CabinCrewDreame    On:  Wed 30th March, 2011 at 19:49
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#1  My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 30/03/2011 at 19:49

  • Thought to share my experience with u guys
  • I hope it can be to any help for those who will attend ETIHAD Assessment

  • ASSESSMENT 8:00am


we started outside the conference room…

it was 4 recruiters there during that day

the recruiters gave us these papers to fill in…

the paper had questions like:

have u worked as a cabin crew for etihad before?

Do you have any tattoos?

Also about eye vision…



When we were done with that we went and handed in the paper

Plus a passport photo To a recruiter which gave us a name tag and a number…


We stood in line…one by one we were called to go into the conference
room to do the reach test which was 210cm…thankfully I manage to do it
and im 5´3 (160cm)


After this we went outside and a recruiter asked us to go inside and sit in another conference room…


We sat in tables with 6 people in each I think…and as I counted we
were around 30 candidates during this assessment…not many at all…I had
expected more than 30 people…but again its far better with less
candidates than loads…gives us the opportunity to stand out more…and get


The ladies started with talking about Abu Dhabi and some info about
the company …and after that they had a quiz…about what the ladies had
talked about….kind of listening test here…

we had to answer the questions the recruiters had talk about in our group..and we had to write this down…

remember to take notes when the ladies talk so you remember when you get the questions!

After that the recruiters asked each table few questions..


The recruiters were lovely and so easy going and so funny…which made the mood in the room pleasant and relaxed….


Now the group activity started…


once again with the group in our table…we were given many words…and
we had to pair every word, 3 in each…like yellow, blue, Grey, which is
in the category of colors and we put that in one group…they had ex
diamond, gold silver……ect ect

When that was done they surprised us with telling us now we had to
create a story of all the words and everyone one of us had to say

While doing so a recruiter was sitting in each table and taking notes….about us..

And here I noticed its not about getting the story done or doing it
as fast as possible it was more for them to see how we work together


That done…

Role play started…

Again the same group around the table we sat in…they gave us these
small papers about situations…

and we had to play the role of a angry
customer and a service provider who was going to deal with the

and ex of the papers I got was like im sitting in a restaurant
and im not happy with the food and I shall complain…while the next
person sitting next to me was going to handle this complaint I had…

2nd one, I was a
waitress and I had to deal with a angry customer ect …we did this 2
and 2 with the candidates who sat in our tables....


Now English test started….


It wasn't as hard at all very simple actually.....very short parts……

1st part we had to read this letter and there was questions about the letter

2nd part was a text with missing words we had to fill in…

3rd part we had to do opposite words …like light-dark ect ect

4th part was we had to fill in missing words again…

5th part was a text we had to read a

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#2  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 30/03/2011 at 20:30
Wow... that was long, but thank you very much for sharing your experience. I wish you so much luck!!! Can I ask, where do you come from? cant see it here. Thank you and have lovely eveining.
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#3  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 08:31
CabinCrewDreame in Abu Dhabi the AD was perfect the same as you said but i'm very surprised about 4 guys choosed, very strange really in my 2 AD with emirates and etihad they always picked 1 guy only and the rest girls.

are you from uk???

good luck and lucky you

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#4  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 09:59

festellessa during my emirates AD also 1 boy went to the finals
so it was very different this time that 4 guys made it.
but im so happy so many boys made it.
the boys during my finals were AMAZING and presented themselves so professionally.
so i totally understand why they were chosen!
Thank you so much we will see how this end up next week :-)

Thank you! good luck and u have a nice day too :-)

Edited 31/03/2011 @ 10:04 Revision #1
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United Kingdom
#5  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 13:33
What detailed and good info...thanks for this! x
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United Kingdom
#6  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 18:38
Wow! You should go to every airline AD so you can write a report for us! ;) thanks so much for this....i really needed to find something like this as i have my AD coming up 20th April in London! I hope it goes as straightforwardly as you have described! :) Can u tell me what kind of things you said in the role play? I am worried about that part as i do not like acting at all! :( Thanks again! xx
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#7  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 19:27 Your welcome im happy to share, whatever info i got..

Tongue i actually have written 2 other threads about British and emirates...LOL when i attended their assessments and interviews...

but this is the last airline and last try..Smile
But good luck on 20th you will do great...if you have done emirates AD before you will see Etihad is WAY easier!!!

During the role play when i played the role of the angry customer i tried to remain calm and not be super angry and create this drama because even if they told us we should be angry, they took notes and some i saw went way over line and were too angry and i felt that is not what they wanted...
so be careful and not be too angry....
i dont like acting either..
.but i tried to remain calm when i spoke.
The things i said during the role play as a customer provider was ex:  IM SO SORRY IT WILL BE OK, I WILL HELP YOU AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM, I UNDERSTAND YOU,
its important to listen ...
and the part of a angry costumer was easier here you could just complain but dont be super angry or raise your voice.

you will get a info paper about the situation you have to read 1 min...
than act after the 1 min

even if they told us we suppose to be a angry customer, i think it is not nice for the recruiters to watch the candidates be all angry and cuss or raise their voices and i think it sends out a negative vibe..EVEN if they say you should be angry.

Before i went to the AD i was worried too and had no idea what to do but it all came automatically when i sat there...and you will see and feel that too when you will be there flite girl

whatever you do, pretend you are a cabin crew during the whole AD... Tongue seriously that will work!!!

GOOD LUCKStar i hope things will go brilliant for You!!

Edited 31/03/2011 @ 19:36 Revision #1
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United Kingdom
#8  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 20:08
awww your such a sweetie CabinCrewDreame!!! Thank u soo much!!! I have also been to a BA and Emirates interview once, but they are both super hard interviews!! I used to work for Qatar, their interview is peasy! So i hope Etihad will be something like it :) I always get really scared when they mention role plays! Just feel so silly trying to pretend to be someone else and put on a mood. Im really glad u mentioned not going overboard with the angry customer one, as i think thats easy to do if u just want to look like a really good actress rather than a Cabin Crew! Lol! It sounds as though you did really well that day...keep me posted, id love to hear if you get the job!! :) The problem with these AD`s is theres no right or wrong answers so your just being tested on how you react. Its good to know from someone whos already done it cos now im not going to panic as much!! Thanks and plz keep us posted!! xx
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#9  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 20:35
flite_girl231 ur welcome dear, im happy to share,
this AD will be easy for you and i have actually heard qatar AD/interview is really hard and harder than ek and ey.., so if you managed to pass qatar than this will be easy...than if you think qatar was easy than this is MEGA EASY for u Smile, it felt good during that day but we will see if they ´´see´´ the potential in me or not..or if im lucky enough to get one little chance....
indeed i will update but i hope to come back with good news than bad Confused
i totally agree with you there is no right and wrong during the ad´s...
and it doesnt matter if you manage to finish the tests or what you do, they only are testing your reaction so i totally agree with you!!!
hope time goes fast so you can go do this and come back with good news!!!!

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United Kingdom
#10  Re: My Experience with Etihad Assessment  Posted 31/03/2011 at 20:43
wow you heard QR is harder than EK?! That cannot be right lol! I heard 96% of people who attend EK interviews dont make it. And ive been to one also, its the most horrendous Final Interview! Although the group assessments were alright! BA i struggled with group assessments, they set a really hard task and i struggled to concentrate on that + the discussion :/ But i really hope EY is a breeze...i sooo need this job!! :( I actually wanted to try them years ago but i didnt meet their height requirement back say you were 1.60 right? Cos im 1.61 so thats a weight lifted off my shoulders! :) Phew!! I have a good feeling about your keep me posted!! :) xx
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