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My Crushed Dreams

  Topic Started By:  empik86    On:  Fri 29th March, 2019 at 12:04
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#1  My Crushed Dreams  Posted 29/03/2019 at 12:04
Hi all I just want to tell everyone of my experience with FLYBE.

I applied back in 2018 for Cardiff base and was invited to attend an Assessment Day at Exeter in the December, I was so so excited and over the moon! I drove down the night before and paid to stay in a hotel I prepared and made sure to look the part, I thoroughly enjoyed the assessment day and made it through to the final interview. I waited 2 weeks and heard that I was successful and would be placed in the hold pool that was fine I was just so happy to have made it!

weeks went by then months so I chased them up apparently I was "5th" in the hold pool, I wanted to make sure if there was a time limit on the hold pool as some delete your application after so long, I was assured that I would remain in the hold pool until training became available. So I kept patient all the time checking my emails. In November 2019 I was sent a "hold pool newsletter" thanking me for me my patience and also checking if I still wish to remain in the hold pool to which I Replied yes of course!

I checked my email 2 weeks ago and there was an email from FLYBE I was hopeful that It was the THE email informing me of training. instead (and I will post it later on here) it was a blunt email informing me that my application would be withdrawn with immediate effect, another girl who made it through on the same day had the same too. Apparently its because of data protection HOWEVER it had been 15 months and I was assured I would remain until however long needed. ALSO I know of someone who remained in the pool for over 2 years.
I contacted FLYBE who were basically no help at all and told me I would be more than welcome to apply again!

I went through al that effort, hotel, petrol to Exeter, preparation, assessment day, interview, got the job then told our applications are withdrawn.

I was so upset, confused, and basically my dreams have been dashed, I was kept hanging on for 15 months. If anything if this is how they treat people I wouldn't want to work for them. I have been offered AD's with Virgin BA and various other airlines so they have lost what would have been a hardworking, dedicated cabin crew member.

I just wanted to give my story and also to ask if anyone has been through the same with them?
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