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Lost an item on a KLM flight to JFK - please help!

  Topic Started By:  dtang    On:  Wed 6th August, 2014 at 20:06
Posts: 1
#1  Lost an item on a KLM flight to JFK - please help!  Posted 06/08/2014 at 20:06
I am hoping that a KLM crewmember may be able to help me out of a jam.

I left my wife's iPad mini in one the front seat pockets of the middle four seats of row 60 (60D thru 60G) of flight KL0643 from AMS to JFK last week. The plane left Amsterdam a little after 20:00 on August 1st and arrived in New York a little after 22:00 local time. We were traveling with young twin boys and I lost track of the device. We were coming back from family vacation. There are many family photos from our trip on the device. My wife is grief-stricken over the loss and very angry with me.

It was a white iPad mini with a black Speck cover. It belongs to Olena.

We filed a lost item report online but have yet to receive any substantive information or good news. I searched the JFK website but it doesn't explain how the lost and found works for items left on a plane. Can anyone reach out to a flight attendant or crew member who can look on that plane (or perhaps offer other suggestions)?

A reward is offered. We would be eternally grateful. Any help appreciated.

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