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How many CC UK-based jobs are there?

  Topic Started By:  ask26    On:  Tue 5th February, 2019 at 03:59
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#2  How many CC UK-based jobs are there?  Posted 05/02/2019 at 03:59
Hi Everyone

I saw something recently that said BA are hiring 2000 Cabin Crew this year. But would anyone with friends within airlines be able to find out how many each airline with a UK based would be hiring in the next 12 months, or has done for the last 12 months.

I'm trying to get an idea of the total number of new-entrant jobs available to Cabin Crew in the UK in a year. If this is the wrong forum and there are better places to direct this query - do let me know.

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#3  Re: How many CC UK-based jobs are there?  Posted 05/02/2019 at 07:50
Airlines don’t have specific numbers to recruit, they have an average number they’ll aim to recruit, for example Thomas Cook and Qantas hit their target and hired between 20-30 crew this year.

However most airline recruiting is now over, until Winter 2019. Most airlines recruit in the winter for the summer. There are of course exceptions to this like BA who recruit all year, this is less due to the number of crew recruited but more due to the high turnover.
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