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Etihad on-line application ( need help)

  Topic Started By:  Rami Serag    On:  Wed 5th June, 2013 at 04:30
Rami Serag
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#1  Etihad on-line application ( need help)  Posted 05/06/2013 at 04:30
How r u guys ? first of all congrats to every one have been recommended for a position as a cabin crew with Etihad , I need a big favor and help from u through this site . specially .

I applied on Etihad website on an on-line application form . for 3 times in 2 months . with different emails . my 3 application had been rejected and I couldn't find a reason for that .as I am an x qr crew and I have great experience for flying field.
so I submitted my answers here for the 2 questions required in the on-line application to tell me guys is my answers perfect or not ? and if not where is the problem in my application ..

I know that I have to be invited for assessment day in abu-Dhabi not like open day like EK . EY they don't come to Egypt for open day like EK.

plzzzzzzzzz help me guys I am so frustrated and disappointed ..

and here is my answers for the 2 online application . hofully Cabincrewconsultant reply to me and any one wana help , I appreciate

Please complete the following application questions. Click on the answer link to answer each question.

*1 Please give one specific example from your past experience when you have worked as part of a really good team. Describe the situation, your role, what happened, and what the result was. (Max 500 words)

I am an effective team worker which appears enthusiasm and commitment towards my work . in my current company as a flight attendant . we face a situation which we have to communicate and cooperate as a team work to deal with it and sort it out . the situation was about an old lady flying from Doha to Bangkok , and at the middle of the flight she suffered from asthma . My role was the first aider onboard aircraft . after I observed her signs and symptoms while serving the breakfast .immediately I grapped the Portable of oxygen , asked my crew member to inform our purser onboard . I asked another colleague to take the role of collector ; to be able to collect the medical equipment we need to deal with the situation. I took the passenger history , reassured her and asked her if she had her own medication. at the end of the flight and after I administered the oxygen to her , she became fine till we disembark to Bangkok . It was a really good experience to participate in a situation with a team work environment. me and my colleagues learnt that the professional work should be completed by a team work key

*2 Please give one specific example from your past experience when you have provided excellent customer service. Describe the situation, what you did, why you did it, and what the result was. (Max 500 words)

from my past experience in the hospitality field, whilst working as a cashier , I received a telephone call from unhappy customer. while listening to his concerns. I could sense that he was beginning to regret placing his dinner order with our restaurant . before talking to him about the situation, I tried to realize how stressful it must be for him to be in this situation. I tried to think about what I could do to help reduce his worries and resolve the situation to exceed his satisfaction.

I informed him that I fully understood his concerns and I reassured him that I would do everything possible to help him. As soon as I told him this I could sense how thrilled he was to know that I would be helping him. I immediately dispatched another order whilst on the phone to him, making sure that the order would be delivered that same day .I also told him that I would call him later to make sure he was happy with the new order.
Later that day, I called the gentleman to check everything was to his satisfaction. The sound in his voice was very rewarding and I realized that with just a little help I had made such a different to his day, making him feel like a valued customer.

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#2  Re: Etihad on-line application ( need help)  Posted 17/03/2015 at 09:23
In reply to post #1...
hi! how long did you wait for their reply?
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