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Emirates strange timeline

  Topic Started By:  boogieboogie    On:  Thu 9th May, 2019 at 14:41
Posts: 9
#2  Emirates strange timeline  Posted 09/05/2019 at 14:41
The AD was 12/04, i had my final interview 18/04 and I updated the online application and send all the documents required 20/04.

All of my colleagues from the assessment day had their submission status updated to "under review" at the time that we were doing our final interviews or sending pending documents.

I did not, my submission status remained as "application received" till yesterday. Yesterday my submission status changes to "application under review" and I receive an invitation to next open days in my country (Spain). In my country is not necessary to receive an invitation to attend an OD.

Sadly I am starting to wonder that they had a problem receiving my online application or some of my data, and they don´t really have any proof that I did the FI. They are treating me like i didn´t pass any open day.

Do you thing someone is going to check if my interview is completed? I emailed them today but not so sure if they pay attention to all of our emails. Someone know about a similar situation?

Emirates timeline:
AD: 12/04
UR: 08/05
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