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Emirates Cabin Crew - Visible Facial Piercing Hole

  Topic Started By:  chefrula    On:  Wed 19th June, 2019 at 09:29
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United Arab Emirates
#2  Emirates Cabin Crew - Visible Facial Piercing Hole  Posted 19/06/2019 at 09:29
So I had this face piercing (Monroe piercing) for a long time, however I removed it almost 2 years ago. There is a visible hole, some people do not notice it (because I have freckles and it blends in) and some people can see it.

I was invited for an assessment day the past December with Etihad, and the recruiter asked me if I had tattoos, I was like no and then she was like "but you have a lip piercing". And that was it, I was disqualified.

My question is, for Emirates, are they really strict about holes? I know "wearing" facial piercings is a no no. But I didn't wear it for a long time now. Will they disqualify me if they see the visible hole?

Please someone shares their experience with me :(
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