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Emirates application form - education etc?

  Topic Started By:  Annabelm    On:  Tue 21st May, 2019 at 07:06
Posts: 2
#2  Emirates application form - education etc?  Posted 21/05/2019 at 07:06
This is probably me being a bit silly but i cant quite work it out and want to get it right.

On the application form emirates ask you to list your academic qualifications. this is fine, but the qualifications i have (A levels, I live in England) aren't an option so i don't know what to put? The closest option is high school which isn't technically right but should i put that anyway? there is no actual option to label the name of this qualification, i just have to pick the 'course/programme'? so would i do this for each of my a levels? Also, i assume i would have to add my GCSEs as well but how would i be able to distinguish these from my a levels as the closest equivalent again would be 'high school' but they are different qualifications?

also, what is meant by certifications? i am unclear as to what this means. and finally (sorry for all the questions) i have recently left university and did not complete my degree - i left after second year. would this impact my application and how (if at all necessary) would i include this on my application?

thank you!
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