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Emirates Amsterdam OD ?

  Topic Started By:  Ms-9898    On:  Wed 4th September, 2019 at 10:09
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#1  Emirates Amsterdam OD ?  Posted 04/09/2019 at 10:09
Hey there,

Is anybody here planning on attending the open day which will be held in Amsterdam on October the 20th?
I'm currently in Egypt but moving there in a few weeks (I hope I make it in time)

If anybody will be attending, let me know so we can go together maybe
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#2  Re: Emirates Amsterdam OD ?  Posted 01/10/2019 at 20:48
In reply to post #1...
I might go, but I just went last month and I received an email that I can apply after 6 months :(. Good luck! x
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#3  Re: Emirates Amsterdam OD ?  Posted 02/10/2019 at 21:14
In reply to post #2...
I'm considering either attending the AD on the 6th of October in Alexandria, Egypt or the OD on the 20th of October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Thank you so much! I wish you the best in 6 months as well!
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