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  Topic Started By:  user97701    On:  Fri 17th November, 2017 at 07:47
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#198  Re: easyJet  Posted 04/04/2018 at 19:24
In reply to post #1...
easyJet don't hang about, do they? I've had a really swift journey so far, applying for LGW.

Applied 3 March
Invited to assessment 6 March
Assessment day 28 March
Entered holding pool 3 April
Phone call today (4 April) offering 21 June start date

I’m impressed!
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#199  Re: easyJet  Posted 05/04/2018 at 13:31
Just applied to easyjet and got my invitation for an assessment day which I havent booked yet..
anyone has been lately to the assessment and can share their experience, hows the process and group exercises...
Thank you!

safe flying!!
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#200  Re: easyJet  Posted 06/04/2018 at 16:14
In reply to post #199...
easyJet ask that people don't share group activities and interview questions so I won't but if you've been to any sort of assessment day for a role where you have to work in a team these won't be new. If the role is right for you everything will come naturally if you just relax.

After you've signed in at the reception you wait in the canteen with the other candidates until you're asked to show your passport and provide a colour copy of your documents plus a printed CV, then sent to have your height checked. After this you'll be called to a large meeting room upstairs where you're asked to sit at a specific table. The morning consists of an introduction, three different group activities and a presentation about the company and the role by two current crew. Group activities are observed at your table by an assessor, and between activities you may be asked to move to a different table so that they can see you working with different groups of people. The assessors also rotate.

Once that's all over you'll be sent back downstairs to the canteen , during which time you're free to go outside to smoke or use the shops etc in the terminal. Everyone is then called back upstairs, and some people at this stage will be sent home if they didn't perform well enough in the group tasks. Those remaining will be given a presentation about pay, rosters etc and then given a time to be back for an interview. You'll also have to fill in a form with various declarations, and details of any holidays etc you have booked.

You're told that you'll be emailed with an outcome within 7-10 days; I had an email 6 days later but I suspect it would have been sooner if Easter hadn't got in the way.

Some general tips:

Arrive in plenty of time as you never know what sort of delays the trains or roads might throw at you - if you're early you can always grab a coffee somewhere, and you should aim to get to the reception at least half an hour before the start time. If you've got an 8.30am start remember that you'll be arriving at the airport at the same time as a lot of passengers, which can really slow you down. My train was delayed and I had to queue to get out of the station which meant I got to Concorde House almost 30 minutes later than planned.

If you're picking up something to eat on the way, avoid sauces! I bought a bacon roll on the way to the assessment day and went to put ketchup on it then remembered that ketchup and a white shirt is a disaster waiting to happen.

Like any assessment day it's tiring but I also found it enjoyable, informative and well-organised. Dress smartly and if you're a guy be clean shaven or with a neatly trimmed beard. Keep your printed documents pristine (one of the people at my assessment day took his CV etc out of his jacket pocket - he didn't make it to the interview stage), smile and engage with everyone at all times (including the time you're left in the canteen - you're being observed and it's great to chat with the other candidates who may themselves have been to other airlines' assessment days and have their own advice to share), and in the group activities be sure to participate, recognise others and don't be overbearing.

If you get through to interview, your interviewer is keen to find out about you as a person and unless your CV is particularly fanciful they're not trying to catch you out; try to build a rapport in the 20 minutes or so you spend with them, even in the moments when they're taking you to or from the canteen. This is also a good time to ask any questions you have about the role as all of the people doing the interviews are either crew or ex-crew.

Use the toilet whenever you're offered the chance as darting out of a presentation or group activity won't do you any favours. Don't forget to use the mirror to check your appearance!

Whilst I was waiting for my interview I found it helpful to go outside for some fresh air and a wander around the terminal so that I went into the interview with a clear head.

Don't stress about the day. If you've got customer service experience and are used to working in a team it will all come naturally.

You'll spend a lot of the day in the canteen, which offers drinks, coffee, snacks, sandwiches and a hot meal (sausages and mash when I was there) at a reasonable price, and you can pay using cash or card. If you don't fancy anything on offer there or you just want to stretch your legs you're just down some stairs from the terminal where you'll find Boots, M&S, Subway etc. Take chewing gum or mints so that you feel fresh after eating but don't forget to get rid of your gum before you leave the canteen.

Good luck jorca! Get your assessment day booked and start preparing.
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#201  Re: easyJet  Posted 06/04/2018 at 16:15
In reply to post #198...
I did my AD in Berlin the 12th of March, did eye test and online medical and now waiting...
Do they call you for the start day of the training course or send an email?

I hope i dont have to wait too long, I am really looking forward to start.

Anyone else from Berlin?
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United Kingdom
#202  Re: easyJet  Posted 07/04/2018 at 01:19
In reply to post #201...
They called me to discuss my start date.
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#203  Re: easyJet  Posted 09/04/2018 at 12:12
Hi there,

I got my call last week for a trainingdate on 10th of July in London Gatwick.
Wondering if anybody else is on the same trainingcourse with me. I'll be based in
Berlin-Tegel. PM me please :)
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#204  Re: easyJet  Posted 11/04/2018 at 04:37
In reply to post #203...
Hi there,
I am in July 10th course too for Berlin Tegel,
I don't live in Germany and will have to register my address there in order to get a certificate to get your tx id and be able to open a bank account. This is called Anmeldung. Are you familiar with that? I need an address in Berlin to register but the problem is that it's very difficult to get your first place in Berlin because the landlord wants to see several paychecks from you before renting to you. It's a catch 22. Without a place, you can't register, without registering, you can't get your tx id and open a bank account. Would be nice to connect with someone in the same situation.
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#206  Re: easyJet  Posted 13/04/2018 at 10:35
Can anyone help? Had my assessment day for BRS and successful, completed AXA questionnaire and had the need more information email come through( not sure why as i am on a clean bill of health - only wear glasses and hold an in date EASA medical certificate). That was a week ago and they have not been in touch with me yet - does any one know how long they take to give you a call back, i have emailed but no response - I've also tried to find a number for them but no joy ( spoke to various departments but never could get to the right one). Any one have a number. I have let Easy know that they haven't been in touch.
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#207  Re: easyJet  Posted 13/04/2018 at 22:10
In reply to post #204...
Hi Stev22,

same problem here. Moreover, I read that it takes 3 weeks to get your tax id and social security number but i can move to Germany only 2 weeks before the submission deadline of such documents... don't know what to do.

hope that we can make it out
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#208  Re: easyJet  Posted 16/04/2018 at 22:19
In reply to post #206...
I completed my AXA questionnaire about 2 weeks ago and have also heard nothing. I can only guess that because there is so much recruitment going on at the moment that people for bases such as Berlin and LGW who have training courses already are being prioritised, so maybe there is a bit of a backlog whilst they work through them. What did Easyjet say when you contacted them about it??? :)
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