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crew commuting from EU after brexit

  Topic Started By:  csmoran9    On:  Wed 21st August, 2019 at 16:14
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#2  crew commuting from EU after brexit  Posted 21/08/2019 at 16:14
Hi all,

my partner is part of the international long haul for over 20 years now. she is really starting to get nervous with Brexit and a no-deal.

currently, she lives in Paris because she ended up marrying a french man, though now divorced, she is stuck there because she had children.

so, of course, she commutes to work, now with a possible no-deal coming, besides moving back full-time to England, are there any options left for crew like this?

I know she is not alone in this situation. she owns a home in England that she rents out.

Is there any way for her to still keep her job if no-deal goes through but she can still commute from France?

any help would be great, she can't find any info even from the union and I want to help her as best as I can

thank you
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