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Calling KLM crew staying in Lusaka (LUN)

  Topic Started By:  gcskyflyer    On:  Thu 10th October, 2013 at 13:19
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#1  Calling KLM crew staying in Lusaka (LUN)  Posted 10/10/2013 at 13:19
Hello all KLM crew - British Airways have withdrawn from the Lusaka route which is not only a pity for us but a bit of a blow for a children's orphanage that we used to support by taking donated clothes and other items on trips down there and visiting the orphanage to talk and play with the children.

It would be great if we could pass on the baton of this worthwhile cause to KLM crew.

The following letter from the director of the orphanage gives and idea of how important the link was to them

"On behalf of all the Sisters and children of Kasisi Children’s Home, I would like to thank all our friends from British Airways for their great love and support during the past years.
The news about the airline’s decision to stop flying to Lusaka was and still is a great shock for all of us.
We are very grateful to all of you who made it possible for us to give our children all they needed: milk, medicines, clothes, school materials and many other things which other children enjoy in a normal family environment.
It will be very difficult to live without your help.
May God bless you and reward you for everything you have done for us here at Kasisi.
I am sure that for many more months to come my children will still look into the sky and seeing the airplane they will still happily shout:
“British Airways! We love you!”

With love, prayer and deep gratitude

s. Mariola"

The crew support over the years has changed so many children's lives and given a chance to those who would otherwise have had non.

At the moment 3 of Kasisi's children are training to be doctors, another studying law, there's also a qualified nurse and several others at universities around the world
their futures bright because they were given that chance.

Every child at the orphanage is wearing clothes and shoes donated and delivered by BA crews, every book in their library was brought by crew, toys on their beds and in their playgrounds all brought in by BA crew, almost all the medicine in their
treatment room was donated by crew and Christmas every year was delivered by BA crews, this year, there won't be a Christmas with Santa at Kasisi.

Soi KLM crews - why not carry the torch from now-on and know that the children will look up and shout "KLM, we love you!"

If you visit you can make contact and hopefully establish a new line of support.

Good luck
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