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British Airways Lost & Unclaimed Luggage

  Topic Started By:  Bar_Steward    On:  Wed 24th October, 2012 at 19:33
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#1  British Airways Lost & Unclaimed Luggage  Posted 24/10/2012 at 19:33
Did you know that you can BUY British Airways Lost & Unclaimed Luggage?

Article from MoneyMagpie

Check out the Lots here Greasbys Aucioneers

Hundreds of thousands of suitcases get lost every year around the world but they don’t just disappear into a black hole. Even the ones that never find their owners again end up somewhere. In fact, that somewhere is usually some form of auction house that sells them to people like you and me. In America, the Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Alabama receives 800,000 visitors per year and is, incredibly, the state’s biggest tourist attraction.

If you can’t get to Alabama, no fear, the British version of lost luggage auctions is also the place to bag a good bargain, and even sell it on at a profit.

Where are the auctions held?
What can I get?
How much can I make?

When British Airways has a surplus of unclaimed baggage in storage, it sells the cases at auction. All you need to do is head down to the auction house and bid on what you think you can sell on for a profit via eBay.

Not a difficult task when you can get items worth more than £500 for £50. Sell them on for at least £200 and make a profit of three times what you originally spent. Or you can be greedy and see if they’ll sell for £450 or more!

The thing is, there are plenty of bargains up for grabs, and it can be fun – many people describe it as being like a treasure hunt. But buying the suitcases is hit and miss – you just don’t know what you’ll end up with.

Step 1: The auction house

London’s lost luggage hotspot is Greasbys in Tooting, south west London. It’s here that British Airways (one of the world’s biggest baggage losers) sells its lost luggage.

Auctions take place every Tuesday at 10.30am. Viewing is held on the Monday between 2.30pm and 6.30pm, giving you a chance to suss out which bags you want to buy (although you only get to see the outside of it so you can only guess at the contents).

There’s no national directory of airport auctioneers, but if there were, Wellers Auctioneers would certainly appear, taking the lost and lonely bags from Gatwick. Bristol Commercial Valuers & Auctioneers (BCVA) would also feature, as would Hertfordshire Auctions, who contend with Luton’s unwanted baggage.

As most of the above auction houses don’t have allotted airport auctions, it’s probably best to check with their website as to the next scheduled date for baggage bounty. Or you could sign up to their mailing list, which will let you know when they’re going to happen.

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