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Airlines based in Dubai

  Topic Started By:  CC-Chris    On:  Wed 31st January, 2018 at 20:46
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#2  Airlines based in Dubai  Posted 31/01/2018 at 20:46
Hi all.

I am looking for CC jobs in Dubai. My fiancé got a job in Dubai and we are moving there later this year. I am currently working for Ryanair.

Can you tell me which airlines operate in Dubai? I know Emirates but as far as I know, they have a massive amount of applicants. Do you know any airlines which base their CC in Dubai?

Thank you very much in advance :-)
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United Kingdom
#3  Re: Airlines based in Dubai  Posted 31/01/2018 at 20:53
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#4  Re: Airlines based in Dubai  Posted 01/02/2018 at 23:02
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FlyDubai, Air Arabia and Safi airways
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#5  Re: Airlines based in Dubai  Posted 21/02/2018 at 09:24
Hey guys

So Air Arabia has cabin crew vacancies open and l am keen to apply.What kind of pictures do you send them with your CV,full length,in formal wear or the passport sized one that is attached on your CV??Any other tips that can score me points are most welcome.
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United Arab Emirates
#6  Re: Airlines based in Dubai  Posted 10/06/2018 at 23:02
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Safi Airways are Hiring for female cabin crew. do you know how the process of their application?
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#7  Re: Airlines based in Dubai  Posted 18/06/2018 at 10:13
I am 30 am I too old for Emirates?
I also want to know that is it necessary to attendant an open day? I m in Pakistan and there are no open days here. Is it sufficient to apply online only?
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