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Age Limit - Emirates

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  Topic Started By:  obahiano    On:  Sun 15th January, 2012 at 21:44
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#71  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 03/07/2012 at 08:20
In reply to post #70...

Originally posted by OlaNiuma

wish you all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep my my fingers crossed:)

well, we entered the group discussion, introduce the person on your left hand side and we need to know from them where they would like to go for a vacation and why...i was asked by the person on my right and i asked the person on my left etc...when it was time, in order we stood up and intorduced our names and the name of the person we are gng to talk about and gave briefly the where and my group of 15 people, maybe 2 could speak english correctly, and some of them choked why speaking , some froze up and had to look at the name tag of the person they are speaking about to remember.
we were then invited outside for 10 minutes.,
we were handed papers inside by numerical order and we took ours and left.
I did not pass.

i dont feel bad, but i feel surprised, 5 others over thirty years old.
NP, some of the people who cant talk or speak , made it, some who could not understand what the trainer was asking them and sat up and down like 3 times and everyone laughed silently at them made it!
some not clean shaven and wearing the most unfashionable colors and cheapest suits, made it.
many of the ones who did not are all very surprised that i did not make it, i am not saying this to put an image of grandeur about myslef , but i counted maybe 4 others only who can be considered actually presentable!

I would like to say that i am 190cm tall, considered handsome , fit, and very well spoken , my english is not only perfect , but as i mentioned i give customer service training.I spoke gently, never interrupted anyone, and always raised my hand to speak.

i just dont understand. Anyway, i will try again in six months and hope for the best! :)
cheers to all.
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#72  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 06/07/2012 at 10:18
In reply to post #66...
From the official Emirates site:
The Emirates Cabin Crew team is a cosmopolitan mix of young professionals

Although I find it really unfair that a person in early 40s is considered old for this airline, I guess its almost sure that a person over 35 has no chance of joining EK.
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#73  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 17/07/2012 at 14:42
In reply to post #72...
No no no you guessed wrong. It doesn't mean that you won't get hired over 35. Once again the minimum requirements for the airline state over 21 years. Therefore, there is no upper-age limit. It's easy to assume that because most of them appear to be in their twenties. Reason being I was told by Kara who runs a site called and who's also a cabin crew member for one of the main airlines in the Middle East said that the reason why most of the cabin crew are in their 20's is because most of them have just graduated from school or college with some work experience and are eager to see the world and have no commitments. Slightly older people already have their jobs and their families and don't want to move to another country with their families or may have a comfort zone in their own countries and are more concerned about what they have to lose as opposed to what they have to gain.

I'm posting once again for those who might have missed it which confirms what I'm saying the link and the email I received about it.

Dear Donny,

Just to shred some light on the age issue. Most of the cabin crew with Middle Eastern airlines are in their 20's. That is a fact. But take a moment to ask why? Because most people who apply for this job are in their 20s. They are just out of school or have some work experience, they have no obligations and they are eager to see the world, discover new places and live in an exotic country. Individuals in their 30s or even 40s either have a family and they are not willing to relocate to a new country with their children and spouse, or they simply are in a comfort zone in a job in their own country and they think more of what they have to lose, rather that what they have to gain.
To make it even more simpler, you will not see many cabin crew hired in their 30s or 40s because not many apply for this job.

I hope this gives you a different perspective to the whole thing.

All the best and do not give up!

Good luck,


Don't just take my word for it though. Feel free to contact her for yourself. You can also see if you can try to get a hold of someone at Emirates who's in charge of recruiting to find out instead of going by assumptions and observations. If you look at the official site of Emirates and you will see they have no upper-age limits. There are a few other smaller ones that do though and they are posted on their site.
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#74  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 17/07/2012 at 14:50
I know it's easy to assume that because you mostly see people who appear to be in their twenties at Emirates of any other airline for that matter is because there is an upper-age limit. If you are older and apply and don't get through; it might be easy to think that way but it might not necessarily be so. Tons and tons of people apply and not everyone will get hired. They're not obligated to tell you why. No company does.

Companies tend to look for the best of the best who they think will make their companies more efficient. What I do know for a fact though is that for pilots for commercial airlines have to retire by age 60 I think. Those are the rules set by the FAA. They have a website so you can check it out.

The best you can do is just go ahead and apply if you feel that you meet their minimum requirements. If you don't get through the first time, there's always another time. Don't just go by what people say based on their own opinions. Ask for yourself. Good luck everyone!
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#75  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 17/07/2012 at 20:17
In reply to post #74...
Emirates is ageist end of! I know people who are regular fliers on Emirates and crew iver 40 dont exist absolutely disgusting! Have a look on and you'll often see adverts for corporate flight attendents quite clearly asking for female and maximum age 35. A lot can be learnt from British Airways who hire crew of a variety of ages, gender, orientation race etc. There are for a fact even transgender!
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#76  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 18/07/2012 at 00:29
In reply to post #75...
You're talking about corporate flight attendants. Are any of them in the US or the UK? If they are they're doing something totally illegal which is liable for a lawsuit.

I said in my earlier post that many people who apply are in their twenties probably because many of them are just leaving school or college. The slightly older ones who are possibly already established with their jobs and who have families don't really want to move or switch jobs.

About Emirates discriminating due to age, do you have any credible evidence of that? Something like that will be hard to prove because it's rare you'll be told why you weren't hired. It's like saying that a company is racist because mainly white people work there and not many blacks do and a white is hired over a black when that's not necessarily true although it could be;but then again we don't know and shouldn't assume. That's how company's reputations get tarnished. It's best not to say things like this unless you have credible proof.
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#77  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 18/07/2012 at 06:44
In reply to post #76...
I meant to say corporate in the middle east. The laws in the middle east are different and thus they can get away with discrimimation only in the last few years has the equality act been passed in the UK which one aspect covers zero tolerence of age descrimination.
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#78  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 18/07/2012 at 09:12
In reply to post #28...
ciao Marco , sono un ragazzo di Como, a settembre 2012 avro 36 anni anke se sembro come un 29enne, cosi dicono.

Ma ti chiedo gentilmente cosa mi sai dire riguardo al limite di Eta, e come e andato l open day a Milano?

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#79  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 18/07/2012 at 11:50
In reply to post #73...
How does that "confirm" anything? Is she CEO of Emirates airlines? Or is she just yet another person on the Internet? You can't get defensive at everyone else saying they have no credible proof to back up their argument when you don't either. For my penny's worth I think the fact the emirates website describes their cabin crew as "young" says everything that needs to be said.
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#80  Re: Age Limit - Emirates  Posted 18/07/2012 at 11:58
In reply to post #77...
Sorry for the misunderstanding. The thing is those corporate jets specify they want nobody older than 35. Why; I have no clue. Hopefully they'll get to the 21st century.

Emirates did not list an upper-age limit. It only says, minimum age, 21. That's all. We should all be careful about assuming stuff like this. What is actually implied is that Emirates has an under-the-table upper-age limit and that's tarnishing their reputation. No one will ever know why they didn't get hired. They don't tell you. Also being hired is a privilege;not a right. Hundreds and thousands of people apply and not all of them will get hired. Which business has positions for that amount of people who apply?

I think at times this argument of assuming stuff and what have you is just scaring off and discouraging those who are older and want to apply. It's best to just let them apply if they think they meet the minimum requirements. You could also be scaring off potential passengers. All types of people visit these forums you know
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