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Advanced tips/tricks

  Topic Started By:  iomattyoung    On:  Mon 15th July, 2019 at 21:55
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#2  Advanced tips/tricks  Posted 15/07/2019 at 21:55
Hey, guys I am a new hire and I really want to start my new career off with taking full advantage of learning from veteran cabin crew members. Every senior person I speak to seems to have a plethora of amazing ways to make life as a Flight Attendant easier. I would love some insight on things you recommend for a newbie that will benefit short term or long term.
Thank you so much, my fellow brothers and sisters, of the air!

I recently heard from that getting a Marriott credit card and purchasing something from the hotel(lounge) will give me points for staying at the hotel. I work for an airline that usually puts us up in Marriot properties.

Also, I am looking for a tote/cooler hybrid to condense my large black tumi that is hideous. I am a male that does not need room for beauty products. Looking to carry just my duty items and food.
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