What must a VIP Cabin Crew CV include?

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By Patricia Green
So, how can you make your CV stand out in the competitive corporate/private aviation world? After all, these operators receive thousands of CV’s from hopefuls every day.

When a VIP Cabin Crew job is advertised, they will often not even read anything sent after the first day as the response is always overwhelming, so you have to be fast! Sometimes the Chief Flight Attendant or Crew Manager will only look at the first 10 or 20.

They may only have 30 seconds to scan over your CV, so make sure the important things stand out. Impress them, with a clean professional looking CV and photo. Try and put a small professional head and shoulders shot of yourself on there too and keep it short 2 pages maximum.

Make sure all your airline experience is near the top so they see that and the aircraft types that you have worked on. Don’t forget to add, if you were also a purser, senior crew member, trainer etc. Also add any special skills that you have that would be appropriate for example: speaking Russian or Mandarin (very popular now!) or if you have any catering experience and first class experience.

Please add things like crew visas, passport type, flight attendant licenses and the last initial/recurrent training that you did. In some cases you may also be asked to send a full length photo, passport copy and license copies or certificates of initial training, so it is worth having them to hand, so they can take your application further.

You may also be asked to provide references at a later stage and you can state on your CV if you wish, ‘references are available on request’. All of these tips should help your CV get noticed! Finally, remember to make sure everything is VIP appropriate and tailor your CV to make sure you are exactly who they are looking for!

Here's a VIP Cabin Crew CV template to give you a starting point when writing yours:

Ann Other

12 High Tree St, London, UK SW1 NVQ

Home: +44 206 777 6666
Mobile: +44 777 557733
E-Mail: annother@notmail.com


Enthusiastic, hard working professional with excellent customer service skills looking for new opportunities within corporate aviation and to build on the experienced cabin crew role.


• Flexible and adaptable to any given situation, often at a moments notice.
• Team worker but can also work on own initiative.
• Professional image and excellent timekeeping.
• Passion and commitment for providing customer service excellence.
• Learns quickly and accepts new challenges readily.


Proficient cabin crew member of 4 years with experience of working in economy, business class and first class. European experience but wishing to relocate and work in the Middle East to understand more about the culture.


Flight Attendant Training (LGW) Certificate of Completion, April, 2012
Hotel and Restaurant Manager (London University) Diploma, October 2005

Aircraft types:

A319, A320, B757

Professional Experience:

Cabin Crew at High Fly Airlines (UK) 2009 to present
Providing the best service and safety standards on European short haul scheduled flights within economy, business and first class.

Personal Assistant for VIP (UK) 2007- 2009
All aspects of running day to day life of high profile individual including organizing meetings, schedules and organizing transport and hotel bookings.

Receptionist at Savoyard Hotel (UK) 2003-2007
Front of house operations for popular busy hotel including dealing with customer requests and complaints, checking in guests and dealing with admin and finance.


Fluent English, Basic French and German.

About the author:

Patricia Green has been Cabin Crew for major airlines in the UK and Middle East for seven years and also an SCCM. She has also worked as a VIP Flight Attendant working for very high profile clients and world leaders on their private jets. Last year Patricia moved to flying on a freelance basis in order to concentrate on working as a freelance instructor as well as setting up as a Cabin Crew Consultant. She advises potential crew how to get their dream job and helps experienced crew move from commercial to corporate flying. In response to many requests from fellow crew and students, Patricia has written a series of E-books to help guide new crew with lots of insider advice and useful hints and tips.

For more information please visit www.cabincrewconsultant.weebly.com

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