What happens at a British Airways assessment day?

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By cabincrew.com on Friday 15th Nov, 2013 at 12:31

Are you ready for your cabin crew career to take off? The assessment day is a crucial part of the application process, so here's some useful information from British Airways that could help you prepare.

If you have not yet begun you cabin crew career, you’re bound to be nervous when it comes to applying for jobs and getting interviews. So we've considered how to help ease the pressure, and decided to share the British Airways assessment day process with you all.

The following is taken from one future cabin crew’s experience, so bear in mind that if you’ve applied to work for BA yours may be a little different.

This assessment day began in the morning and the first few assessments were:

• The reach test – this is conducted for health and safety purposes to make sure you can reach the overhead lockers and other parts of the aircraft comfortably without endangering yourself and your passengers.

• Height measurement.

• You will also be asked to sit in a crew seat and to adopt the brace position – you will be shown how to do this.

• You will also have your passport checked.

After these basic assessments are done you will be asked to complete a multiple choice questionnaire on flight safety and security – there are fifteen questions to complete. We were told by a successful candidate that most of these questions just require a little common sense – no heavy revision needed but make sure you understand basic safety procedures for an aircraft.

You will then be separated into groups for rotational activities and interviews – this makes the day easier to conduct for the organisers and makes sure you’re not sitting around having to wait for ages! Once split into groups you can expect the following:

• Group discussion: This exercise will last around 25 minutes and it is important to make sure that your voice is heard – but don’t drown out the voice of others, be respectful of everyone’s ideas as well as your own. The activities in the group discussion will vary but the example we have is of the group having to design a uniform for a ‘fun’ company, you will be fully briefed on what the expectations of this section are.

• Role play: The role play section is very important and is your chance to demonstrate how you would respond in certain real-life scenarios such as dealing with a passenger who is making complaints. It is important that you take this part seriously and try to resolve the situation for the passenger whilst remaining apologetic and calm.

• Passenger Announcement: You will be asked to make a passenger announcement as you will have often heard coming from cabin crew members on a flight. You will be given a script to read from so don’t panic – just make sure your voice sounds engaging and enthusiastic.

• Personal Interview: The final stage of the assessment day will be your two to one interview – you will be asked a series of questions about how you would deal with certain scenarios such as an angry customer, and also why you want to work for British Airways, why British Airways should choose you – and other standard interview questions. This interview may last around 40 minutes so make sure you have something to say!

The only thing left to do after that is the administration – you will have to fill in a few forms for reference purposes, and have all of your details checked again such as your National Insurance number and passport.

Remember that the above may vary for each assessment day – and good luck!

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