What are the biggest UPSIDES of becoming cabin crew?

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By Patricia Green
Although the Cabin Crew job is not the best paid job in the world, many of us do it for the amazing lifestyle and the experience. But there are also benefits that normal jobs don’t have. So what are the best benefits available to today’s new recruits?

Of course firstly, the most obvious one – there is no 9 to 5 and your day will never quite be the same. You will be working with different crew members and passengers, on different aircraft to another destination, so you won’t feel the normal day to day grind. Eventually, when you settle in to your Cabin Crew role it will become more like a ‘lifestyle’ and you will get used to scheduling work and life together and it will seem less like work as you adjust.

A warning though – the job can become addictive and it is hard to adjust to life back in the normal world. Once you have been Cabin Crew it is quite difficult to do anything else…

Great hotels and sightseeing

Many people at their Cabin Crew assessment day tell the recruiter they want to travel the world. Yes it’s a cliché, but depending on the airline it is possible! If you get to work for a large international airline, the chances are that you will be flying and having layovers all over the world.

You might not have much time down-route but you do get used to adjusting time zones and getting enough time for sleep and shopping and hopefully a little sightseeing. We also get to stay in some great hotels too, usually 4 or 5 Star with transport to and from the airport. Hotels often offer discounts on food and internet and sometimes spa treatments, so it does make your stay abroad a whole lot easier and more affordable.

Discounted travel tickets

You may also be offered the benefit of staff travel, where you can receive discounted airline tickets for your friends and family. This is probably one of the most attractive perks of becoming Cabin Crew, although you may not use many yourself - as the last thing you may want to do on your time off is fly! But it is a very helpful benefit for your annual holidays and if you wish to commute in the future.

Pay and promotion opportunities

Your monthly salary may be initially low, but will build up over time with flying hours, commission, layover allowances etc. Once you start to get promoted to business or first class and to purser level, once again you will be rewarded. Although a varied income, it will be on time and reliable. Contracts can be anywhere between 6 months and 3 years and sometimes extendable, so you can work out if this is the right career move for you and whether you wish to fly as a seasonal recruit or as a permanent career.

Uniform and other benefits

Of course a smart uniform (and if you are lucky a designer one!) is a nice advantage, making you feel proud of your personal presentation and being the face of the airline. This also encourages you to take pride in your work and enjoy it. Most airlines offer benefits such as life and health insurance and pension schemes. Some airline staff also get local discounts for things like gym membership and hotel discounts, so it is always worth checking, once you have your crew ID.

Friends for life

You will meet so many new people, everyday with new passengers and crew. Your passengers could be anyone from your auntie to a VIP or celebrity, who knows who you will meet and every Cabin Crew has a story! With your fellow Cabin Crew you will make some very special friends and some will last a lifetime – there is something about Cabin Crew and the way we understand the lifestyle that makes us excellent friends even if we are away a lot flying and not always contactable. You know who you can trust, maybe it is the empathetic nature we have and as Cabin Crew we are quite a sociable lot who love to talk, especially about work!

Accommodation benefits in the Middle East

You may also find that working in the Middle East will provide you with more benefits and added extras – so if you can stand a culture shock, it may be well worth relocating. Many airlines in this region will offer you free and secure company accommodation, with most utilities paid (except for internet and phone usually) and sometimes they even provide facilities such as tennis courts, a gym and swimming pool. You will also have free transport to and from the airport and some shuttle services maybe available to local shopping areas and head office.

Local establishments may offer discounts on everything from meals to clothing and nights out, so it is well worth carrying your ID at all times. You salary will probably be tax free too and with a set 3 year contract in most cases, it can be a good move for many new and experienced Cabin Crew.

About the author:
Patricia Green has been Cabin Crew for major airlines in the UK and Middle East for seven years and also an SCCM. She has also worked as a VIP Flight Attendant working for very high profile clients and world leaders on their private jets.

More recently Patricia moved to flying on a freelance basis in order to concentrate on working as a freelance instructor as well as setting up as a Cabin Crew Consultant. She advises potential crew how to get their dream job and helps experienced crew move from commercial to corporate flying.

In response to many requests from fellow crew and students, Patricia has written a series of E-books to help guide new crew with lots of insider advice and useful hints and tips.

For more information please visit www.cabincrewconsultant.weebly.com

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