Tips for the Cabin Crew application process

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By on Thursday 18th Aug, 2011 at 11:19

Making the decision to embark on a new career as a member of Cabin Crew is the easy part – now you need to know how to apply.

There are a few ways of applying to be a member of Cabin Crew for any given airline; the first is applying directly to the company.

It sounds simple, but this is where most candidates go wrong, the application forms can be complicated and long-winded so it is essential to make sure you do them correctly. If you are filling out an application form by hand, be sure to use a black pen and it is always best to write in capital letters as this makes the document easier to read for your possible future employers.

Again; if you decide to fill out the application forms by hand it is essential that you take your time, if you make a mistake and have to cross it out the form will look messy and unprofessional, so don’t rush.

If there is a possibility to fill out the document using a computer this is the recommended method as you can change things as you go along and if you do make a mistake it is easily corrected. Of course if you are typing your application you needn’t write everything in capital letters.

Being a member of Cabin Crew is an exciting and ever-changing business to get into, that means a lot of competition so really try and make yourself stand out on your application form. If there is a possibility of writing about why you think you’d be suitable for the job, sell yourself (without lying!). Think of a skill or attribute that separates you from the hundreds of other hopefuls applying for the job, you will be more likely to get shortlisted for an interview.

If the thought of going it alone when applying for your dream Cabin Crew job is a little daunting, you can complete a short training course so you are not entering the process completely blind. Two possibilities is an online course or a one-day training course at Gatwick or Manchester Airport. By no means do these courses give you extensive training, nor do they guarantee you a job, however they do provide extra information on what the role involves and key information to include on your application form.

Having said that, one airline accredited online course has claimed a 99% success rate in terms of getting applicants to the interview stage – so this may be worth a try!

Before applying make sure that you actually have the right skills for the role, if you haven’t worked in a customer service environment for at least one year, you are unlikely to be selected for an interview. This experience could come from: retail; hospitality, call centre customer service, restaurant work etcetera.