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Qantas Airways is the flag carrier for Australia with its main hub based in Sydney. Nicknamed ‘The Flying Kangaroo’ Qantas is the largest airline in Australia and in 2011 was voted the eighth best airline in the world.

Qantas was founded in 1920 and began its life as a mail carrier. Two years later it operated its first domestic passenger flight from Charleville to Cloncurry, Queensland. Now Qantas Airways operates 21 international destinations across 14 countries in five different continents, they also operate flights to 20 domestic destinations.

The airline wouldn’t have begun was it not for the Australian government offering an AUS $20,000 prize for the first Australians to fly from England to Australia within 30 days. Unfortunately one of the founders died before the flight took place so they didn’t win the prize money, but the inspiration for creating Qantas was still there, so the battle continued.

Qantas was successfully launched and has had many highlights along the way. In 1958 they operated the world’s first round-the-world service and in 1974 they helped evacuate the whole of Darwin after it got hit by Cyclone Tracy, they carried nearly 650 passengers in one aircraft which was a world record.

Then in 1989 the airline broke records again and achieved the longest distance travelled in a commercial flight, and then in 2005 Qantas celebrated their 85th birthday. Just last year (2010) Qantas Airways introduced a ‘Next Generation Check-In’ system whereby passengers with chipped passports can check themselves in which reduces queues and airport congestion.

Qantas Airways has a diverse employment pool, so if you are thinking about applying to work for them, you are unlikely to be disappointed. The airline has focused on indigenous employment since 1988 and they developed a reconciliation plan to increase the number of Aboriginal islanders who work for them.

There are plenty of other opportunities too and Qantas runs a pretty successful graduate and apprenticeship scheme. Graduates can be placed in a two year course which focuses on giving future employees exposure to different areas of the business as well as honing in on certain skills to help create a future career.

Qantas also offers graduates a range of benefits: as a graduate trainee you would receive a competitive market salary as well as reduced cost air travel; a health and wellbeing scheme and discounts on a wide range of services and products.

The apprenticeship course is also well worth considering if you want to enter into a more vocational career. Qantas offers apprenticeships in: Avionics; mechanical, structural, electrical and heavy vehicle maintenance.

Aside from these educational schemes Qantas airways also has a direct application method where candidates with relevant experience can apply for various positions such as Cabin Crew; Baggage Handling, Purser and check in staff.