Job prospects for cabin crew in 2014

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By Patricia Green
Prospects for cabin crew in 2014 are hopeful but rapidly changing in direction. The majority of the world’s biggest airlines are still performing recruitment drives, but there are fewer positions available today than there have been in the past.

It's also the case that some airlines are putting recruitment on hold entirely. This means that thousands of applications are being made for the existing cabin crew roles each month. For instance it’s been reported that Emirates alone receives over 15,000 cabin crew job applications per month.

The charter airlines in the UK are recruiting seasonally and mostly on temporary contracts - it depends on operational requirements as to how many cabin crew they can recruit, so they continue to be cautious. In the USA the merger of American Airlines and US Airways has created the world’s largest airline. This means there could be an increase in potential recruitment, although initially there may be a slowdown while they co-join the current crew. So the challenge is still there, if you are looking for a cabin crew role, but for many it could be a slow start.

Boom time for low cost airlines
One of the biggest areas of growth is the low cost charter airlines, whose routes, networks and passenger figures are booming. The likes of EasyJet and Ryanair in the UK are still progressing and continue to regularly recruit new cabin crew. Fly Dubai and Air Arabia are expanding their networks rapidly, so I believe these are ones to watch for new opportunities in the Middle East. In Europe, Norwegian, Germania and Vueling are also seeing a progression in route expansion and there will be plenty of potential there, within the next 3 to 6 months. Air Asia and its subsidiaries (such as Air Asia X and the new Air Asia India) are also quietly working towards future opportunities. These are certainly the airlines to look out for in South East Asia.

Corporate aviation
Corporate aviation and roles flying on private jets have decreased considerably and the benefits have dropped by quite a large margin. However if you are looking for something new and challenging to forward your career in aviation, this is still a very exciting and interesting path to choose. The main factor in the decrease in positions available is that ‘cabin attendants’ are no longer required to be responsible for safety on the aircraft and aircraft owners/operators are cutting back by not having a cabin attendant onboard. Also, they can stipulate many conditions for the prospective employee by stating age limits, nationalities, language skills and culinary talent before considering their previous cabin crew responsibilities. So, if this is the role for you, be prepared to network hard and hope that you will be in the right place at the right time!

All in all, opportunities for cabin crew in 2014 are changing in response to the economic crisis worldwide and long term positions may be hard to find. Look to the low cost charters worldwide for the best chances to find work as cabin crew, albeit temporary/seasonal contracts in some cases.

Be prepared for a little uncertainty and caution, but be hopeful. This is a whole new generation in aviation and for most cabin crew, a change in the usual direction. The role will stay the same, but the environment is most certainly evolving!

About the author:
Patricia Green has been Cabin Crew for major airlines in the UK and Middle East for seven years and also an SCCM. She has also worked as a VIP Flight Attendant working for very high profile clients and world leaders on their private jets. More recently Patricia moved to flying on a freelance basis in order to concentrate on working as a freelance instructor as well as setting up as a Cabin Crew Consultant. She advises potential crew how to get their dream job and helps experienced crew move from commercial to corporate flying. In response to many requests from fellow crew and students, Patricia has written a series of E-books to help guide new crew, with lots of insider advice and useful hints and tips.

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