Japan Airlines

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Japan Airlines is part of the JAL group which includes a number of different air transport companies which all operate different services, these include: JALways for international leisure services; JAL Express for international and domestic budget services, and JAL Cargo for mail and cargo services.

Founded in October 1953, Japan Airlines is the official national airline for Japan, with main hubs based in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

After becoming fully privatised in the late eighties, Japan Airlines merged with Japan Air system in 2002, Japan’s third biggest airline company. This merge saw the airlines become the sixth largest in the world by passengers carried.

Japan Airlines serves 33 international destinations across Asia, the Americas and Europe. The airline also serves 55 domestic destinations in Japan. It focuses on providing good value for money, whilst trying to reduce fuel cost per passenger mile by using fuel efficient aircraft.

The airline also puts a lot of effort into their in-flight entertainment and for passengers they offer a range of in-flight movies and interactive games that can be played across the cabin. Although the service provided for passengers is good, the experience for cabin crew and staff has not always been the same and the airline used to be criticised as a company that does reflect the true worth of its employees, but not anymore.

In 2005 there was a massive overhaul of the structure of the company to promote better relationships between different departments and to encourage suggestions made by staff to be taken seriously.
A new initiative was born from this crisis and now 50 communication leaders have been appointed to keep relationships on the right path.

Getting a job with Japan Airlines might be difficult if you don’t have a good grip on both Japanese and Korean; the interview process involves a series of questions that must be answered in both languages, and explanations of aircraft safety and procedures must also be made in both languages.

Having said that; if you do successfully get a job as a cabin crew member with Japan Airlines the training schedule does ensure you learn conversational skills in Japanese. European staff members will be appointed to flights operating between Europe and Japan and would always be accompanied by Japanese staff.

The length given to training staff at Japan Airlines is promising, initially, new staff members will embark on a seven week training course in London, UK, followed by a six week training course in Tokyo, Japan.

After this, follows a month of ‘in-the-air’ training where new staff members will fly as part of the cabin crew. After this 17 week induction course trainees will be considered fully fledged cabin crew members.