Interview Focus: Five popular cabin crew interview questions

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By Patricia Green

The airline industry is one of the most difficult to get into. Not only do you have to meet all the requirements for cabin crew and have the right qualities, you also have a lengthy application process, as well as a demanding assessment day with tests, task skills assessments, and interviews.

It is certainly not easy and the process takes time – it is not like a normal job interview, where there are just a handful of candidates, you will be up against thousands of candidates all over the world, so it well worth preparing well.

Should you be lucky enough to attend a cabin crew assessment day, there is still a lot of work to do, so practice your interview look, make sure you know how to get to the venue and make sure you arrive early. If you can prepare some interview answers in advance that will really improve your confidence on the day. Try not to be nervous (that’s the most difficult bit for most!) However, if you put the work in and don’t give up after the first rejection email, you will get there, you just learn from each assessment day. Never take a rejection personally, it is just that it is not the right airline for you at this time – this is why you can reapply after six months or a year.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions asked at the airline interview and how we can respond to impress the recruiter. The questions are taken from a whole range of airlines all around the world, so you are likely to come across them, whichever airlines you apply for. So, prepare your answers now, to be fully prepared for your next assessment day and improve your chances of getting your dream cabin crew job.

Why should we employ you as cabin crew at XXX Airlines?

Say positive things about the airline and if possible mention something you had seen in the news – for example: ‘The airline has ordered many new aircraft and is progressing well and I want to be part of that’. Or if true ‘One of my friends worked for you and recommended I apply as she thought I would fit in with the company ideals’.

Why do you want to be cabin crew?

Here use your personal experience to sell yourself. For example: ‘I enjoy teamwork and am used to shift work. I think I would adapt well to the role’. You could show you’ve done your research and say ‘I am looking for new challenges and I know I would learn a lot as cabin crew, not just about people and places, but skills like first aid too’.

Are you applying for other airlines?

Be honest about it, if you are... it shows that you have commitment to finding a job as cabin crew but also try and turn it into a pro-active statement towards the airline, saying something like ‘Although I have applied for other airlines – this is the airline I want to work for most as it has a professional image and I always hear positive comments about the airline, so that would be a great place for me to start as cabin crew’.

Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?

Give an example of ‘going the extra mile’, when have you exceeded someone’s expectations. E.g. ‘In the café, the lady didn’t know what to eat for dessert, so I described each dish to her and she was trying to decide between two so I asked the chef if it was ok for her to have a small piece of each – she was very happy with that!’

How would you deal with being away from your friends and family for long periods of time when working as cabin crew?

Be honest and say that you know it is not easy, but you understand that it is necessary for the job. Also let them know you can cope with being away from home, saying it is a good excuse to have some time away and learn new things, for example.

When answering these questions, make them your own, stay true to yourself and sell yourself to the airline at the same time. The recruiters want to see how you communicate, so remember to maintain eye contact and keep good posture too – the more you prepare the better you will be!

I hope these few examples of interview questions will help you prepare for your next assessment day and good luck!

About Patricia Green:

I have been cabin crew for major airlines in the UK and Middle East for six years and also a SCCM. For the last 6 years I have worked as a VIP Flight Attendant working for very high profile clients and world leaders on their private jets. Last year I moved to flying on a freelance basis in order to concentrate on working as a freelance instructor as well as setting up as a Cabin Crew Consultant, so that I could advise potential crew how to get their dream job and help experienced crew move from commercial to corporate flying. In response to many requests from fellow crew and students, I have written a series of E-books to help guide new crew with lots of insider advice and useful hints and tips.

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