Dismissed or been made redundant from a cabin crew job? Check your legal position here

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By cabincrew.com on Thursday 28th Nov, 2013 at 09:50

Have you just lost your cabin crew job? Maybe you've been fired, or maybe you've been told you're being made redundant. It’s possible you felt like you had to resign because of something happening at work.

If one of these situations has occurred, it is crucial to understand the actual process of losing your job, say the experts at Contact Law.

Normally in the aviation industry large scale redundancies are handled very carefully by the airlines - as has been the case with British Airways and Thomas Cook in recent years. In these situations there is normally lots of communication, union involvement and advice from the employer about what is happening.

But isolated cases of dismissal and redundancy often leave individuals confused as to their rights, and what their future holds.

Understanding your case could be the difference between being able to get another job quickly, getting compensation for your situation, or even being offered an alternative position and remaining in employment.

Contact Law has designed an easy-to-use flow chat - provided below - that gives you immediate information about what your rights are and what you should do next.

So what is your situation? Start by clicking on the most relevant option below, and the flow chart will take you through the process of employment law. You will find out if you need to talk to someone about your situation. You may need to refresh the page for the flow chart to appear below or click here to access the same service http://bit.ly/18nJsnd.

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