Becoming Cabin Crew: have you got what it takes?

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By on Thursday 10th Nov, 2011 at 11:42

Are you still a little unsure about whether or not becoming Cabin Crew is the right decision for you? If so then you’re not alone.

Deciding to make any change in your career is a big decision for most people, but deciding to embark on a career as unique and sometimes challenging as Cabin Crew is something that might take a lot of consideration.

Maybe you’ve always had your heart set on being Cabin Crew but you’re just not sure if it is right for you, or whether you are right for it.

We hope that the guide below will give you more information on what it is actually like to be Cabin Crew, and will give you an insight into the working environment of Crew as well as what you need to be like as a person in order to be successful.

So what’s it like to work as Crew?
Cabin Crew work shifts – and these shifts span from early mornings to right the way through the night, they include weekends and bank holidays.

If you work long-haul you will have to get used to fighting against your natural body clock as you are unlikely to get a full night’s sleep, every night. Sometimes you will sleep during the day – if you take on extra flights you may have entirely different sleeping patterns all together.

Depending on whether you want to work short haul or long haul will change your work pattern massively.

The working environment for cabin crew members is demanding. Cabin space is restricted, and the galley, where meals and refreshments are prepared, is small too. A lot of time is spent moving between the galley and the rest of the cabin and cabin crew members will spend a lot of their time on their feet, attending to passengers.

Cabin crew members can also experience jetlag and fatigue due to the travelling they do, especially if they are on long haul flights and crossing different time zones.

Cabin crew members have to wear a uniform and must be well groomed at all times. They normally must have no visible tattoos or piercings.

Are you right for the job?
It takes a certain type of individual to thrive in the Cabin Crew environment – not all of us are right for it.

Cabin Crew members must have experience of and enjoy interacting with lots of people, and lots of different types of people, every time they come to work.

We all have our off days but as Cabin Crew you must be prepared to brush it off and paint on a smile for your passengers.

Many people fly out of necessity – they don’t enjoy it, so you could be the difference between making their flight a pleasant experience or a nightmare.

Essential Cabin Crew skills include:
• Commuication skills
• Remain calm under pressure
• Work quickly and efficiently
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Good organisation