Air France - KLM

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Air France-KLM merged in 2004 to create Europe’s leading air transport service with more than 71 million passengers and nearly 30 billion Euros in revenue in 2009-10.

Air France-KLM serves 244 destinations in 105 countries all over the world, boasting the most extensive route network between Europe and the rest of the world. Some 105,000 employees contribute to the success of the business.
The airline is mainly focused on delivering passenger, maintenance and cargo services, but is now also considering branching out in to ancillary activities such as catering and leisure transport.

Air France-KLM was created through a successful merger between Air France and KLM IN May 2004. At the time, the two airlines combined flights to 225 destinations across the world and collectively transported over 66 million passengers.

Although the two companies have joined parts of their separate business, they still remain independent companies to an extent. Each airline has retained its individual identity, trade name and brand. The three core businesses are Passenger Business, Cargo and Engineering & Maintenance. Both airlines run their own operations from their respective hubs Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol.

Air France-KLM has taken the approach of ‘think global – act local’ which it tries to incorporate into its passenger services and employee experiences. KLM offers student placements and is enthusiastic about creating a multicultural environment for employees.

KLM also offers training and development programs for graduates and those who want to take their career to a management level. The schemes focus entirely on putting students on the fast track to an important specialist or management function in a specific professional area within KLM, in just two years.

As a management trainee you would spend your time completing four projects in various KLM business units. The aim of working in different areas of the business is to give you an idea of how each part of the business works alongside one another, and to understand the relationships between them.

The projects also differ with regards to content; some will be practical, some will be analytical and some may be strategic. The point of this is to ensure that all trainees find an area of the business they are passionate about.

Air France offers work experience weeks which provide experience in all areas of the business including; the commercial desk, working on short haul and long haul flights, dispatching, customer service and baggage handling.

Currently Air France is also running 12 month internships which are available to people in the UK and Ireland. These internships will involve working in areas such as assisting the commercial project manager to pricing analytics and operations roles.